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Do you like stackable notifications?

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Mar 18, 2017
Hello there! As you may know, you'll get notifications when someone posts anything related to you. As you may know, some people are very, very popular on these forums, and recive alot of notifications.
totally not photoshoped
Of course, you can turn these off, but some people like to know who liked which post of you, and so on. Therefor, I made this suggestion c:

What I want to do about this:

So, when people like your thread, you'll recive a notification for every like you get.
Sometimes, it could be that people get 16 notifications for the same thread in a row:
(this will give you 16 notifications)
So my suggestion is:
If 16 people like your thread in a row, they would stack up to one notification, like this:

The same thing could apply when multiple people reply to the same thread, but this could get confusing.

Ofcourse, just like you can toggle everything else you want to get notificated for, this can be toggable as well!

Thank you for reading my thread!
Have a nice day ^^


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Mar 18, 2017
Oh I wasn't against the suggestion or anything, just a funny little comment I decided to make.
Oh, haha :p
I love quality of life changes, especially when you're posting so many crispy memes like me and the notifications keep rolling in. (@Gainfullterror immaright?)

This is a great solution to a small issue and I think it would be worth the addition.
Yesyesyes, memes, I love the memes!
And thanks for the feedback!
I agree
But only if they can be turned off
I think this is quite useful but I personally like seeing each individual alert for that
Sure, that's why it's toggable

//500th message :o
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