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Feb 18, 2021
Hello,i did a ton of research and invested like 250k coins into this,i now present you the skyblock spawner guide(pls like if you learned something)(and pls correct me if im wrong about something:D)

So starting off,upgrading spawners makes it that the mob they spawn are tougher and gives you more xp,the higher the level the higher the xp,
Example for a cow:
A level 1 Cow Spawner gives you 1 xp,for every lvl 1 cow killed,lvl 2 gives 1.30 xp,lvl 3 gives 1.61 xp,and lvl 10 gives 3.94(i cant go beyond im to broke :C)

But upgrading spawners needs coins and certain drops(like leather and raw chicken)

And it just gets scarier from there..
I found out in a forum post yesterday that the upgrade cost is the no. of levels multiplied to itself and multiplied by 300=cost

and i started upgrading,and found out that upgrade cost goes exponential
Lvl 1-2 = 300 coins
Lvl 9-10= 24,300 coins
Lvl 19-20=108,300 coins(estimated)

So,dont upgrade spawners unless you have money to spare,since you got others stuff to use your money on

And also doing the "upgrade a cow spawner to lvl 18" costs 535,500 coins from lvl 1 to 18

Here is the data i obtained when i did research,thanks for reading


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