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May 13, 2014
These are our community standards. We expect everyone within our community: casual players, community members and members of our team to follow them at all times.

👋 Respecting other players

  • We’re all here to make friends, not enemies! Be welcoming and friendly to players you meet on CubeCraft. 💙
  • Respect each other and think about what you’re saying. Please always be polite and kind in how you talk to others! 😄
  • Avoid speaking in ALL CAPS AS 📣YELLING ISN’T VERY NICE📣!
  • When starting a conversation or replying to others, try and be as positive as possible to create a friendly atmosphere! Never respond in a negative tone. 🌞
  • Our volunteer moderation team gives up their time to help the community be a better place. Always listen to them and respect their decisions. 🙌
  • Follow the rules at all times so that everyone can enjoy their time on our network! 😇
🌐 Respecting our diverse community

  • Players from all over the world play CubeCraft. We appreciate the diversity that we have on our servers, and we want everyone to feel safe and respected at all times. 🙏
  • Don’t tolerate hate speech, bullying or harassment. Call it out or report it to a member of the moderation team - we have a zero-tolerance policy. 🚫
👷‍♂️ Safely communicating with other players

  • Be careful who you talk to. Protect your personal information such as your name, address and school. Don’t share this with others. 🤐
  • Stay safe online - always keep your account details, passwords and login information to yourself! We will never ask for your Minecraft password or Mojang email and you should never share this. 🔐
  • If you’re still a minor (child), talk to a trusted adult (e.g. a parent) about what you do online, even at CubeCraft. You can show off your leaderboard positions but an adult is also useful to talk to if you aren’t sure about something happening online. 🤔
Check out our community resources and safety here.
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