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    I've decided to attempt making a (new and improved) forth version of the Cubecraft Book of world Records (note the ”attempt”)! Hopefully, this version will get more submissions and contain more accurate records, and it’ll make it an easier task to look up a record. If you aren't in the Cubecraft Book of world Records and/or believe that you've beaten the current record holder(s), feel free to submit your record! For those of you who don't, I've made an assortment of "clubs" consisting of players with the same records.* I've also added some new records to this thread, you're also welcome to suggest new records. Don’t forget that some of these records are far from correct, but that’s part of the point of this thread, to list as accurate records as possible! :)

    *"Clubs" are just what they sound like they are, a group of players with the same achievement/record. These clubs will (obviously) not be for players who have the "most" of something, but rather for players who've achieved certain things or milestones. Keep reading to find out more about it (by clicking the following spoiler).
    The following are guidelines you must follow in order to make a succesful submission:

    1. Always provide valid evidence of your record! This is done with a video or screenshot (depending on the record). Please also remember to somehow prove that it in fact is YOU or your group who are the record holder(s). Thus, a screenshot with random stats won't be accepted as proof.

    2. Remember to state which record you're submitting for!

    3. [FOR PLAYERS SUBMITTING FOR THE 1000 WINS CLUB] The 1,000 Wins Club is for players with 1,000+ wins in at least 3 games. whenever 25+ players are in the club, the amount of games with 1000+ wins needed to join will increase by 1, leaving the players who already meet the new requirement in the club, and removing the ones who still have the old value. The current 1000 Wins Club will still be kept though, but in a separate section.*

    4. If you’re submitting for a W/L record, you need at least 250 games played, if you’re submitting for a K/D record, you must have at least 750 kills in that game mode.

    5. Post your proof on this thread (preferred). Messaging me also works. If you choose to message me, you also agree to giving me an ability to post or give the link to your proof (whenever) someone requests to see it!

    6. If these guidelines change and you've already made a succesful submission, the new content will (obviously) not apply to your previous submission!

    That's all! Good luck!

    *1000+ in both Solo & Team modes in the same game count as 2 different games. Note that the club concerns WINS only, and thus 1000+ PvP Duels, FFA or Assassination kills will NOT count towards the 1000 Wins Club. However, note that PvP Duels kills & wins aren't the same statistic, and therefore only the wins count (as 1 game).

    Color coding (to make your life easier):
    Green - The record is VERY likely correct/accurate. The record WAS/IS correct when it was written.
    Cyan - The record COULD be correct/very hard to find someone who's beaten it.
    Orange - The record's credibility is UNKNOWN.
    Red -The record is 100% INCORRECT and to be updated/waiting for a new submission. The record is only listed because of low amouts of submissions.
    Purple - The record is ESTIMATED, and therefore not actually submitted. This color only applies to records that haven't been submitted for.

    Bold text indicates that the record is held by the player in the first (most wins or PvP Duels kills) place on the leaderboard of that game, and that it therefore likely is (VERY) reliable (but we can't know for sure).

    Tip: If you're using Google Chrome, type Ctrl+F and write the game your record is for, and it'll likely skip to the records for that game for you.

    Java Edition

    Lucky Islands (Solo)

    Most Wins: LuisFcm27 - 11,245(+)
    Most Kills: SanCookie - 28,103(+)
    Most Deaths: SanCookie - 4,187(+)

    Most Games Played: LuisFcm27 - 11,245+
    Most Lucky Blocks Broken: SanCookie - 48,477(+)
    Most Blocks Broken: SanCookie - 168,845(+)
    Most Blocks Placed: SanCookie - 201,671(+)
    Longest Distance Walked: SanCookie - 5,573,187(+)
    Most Time Played: SanCookie - 24+ days
    Best K/D Ratio: Kloska - 12.344
    Best W/L Ratio: Kloska - 2.116
    Fastest Win: xRoosjez - 42 seconds

    Lucky Islands (Team)
    Most Wins: DavidaOMG - 10,690(+)
    Most Kills: xLuiJox - 44,534(+)
    Most Deaths: SleepyLiv - 5,007(+)

    Most Games Played: Kloska - 12,238+
    Most Lucky Blocks Broken: Kloska - 41,806(+)
    Most Blocks Broken: Kloska - 187,661(+)
    Most Blocks Placed: Kloska - 222,262(+)
    Longest Distance Walked: Kloska - 9,250,422(+)
    Most Time Played: Kloska - 34+ days
    Best K/D Ratio: Kloska - 8.279
    Best W/L Ratio: Kloska - 2.653
    Fastest Win: Kloska & Liibe - 25 seconds, (ImJustPinguin & ItzMeAcci - 0 seconds)
    Most Kills in One Game: Kloska - 17

    Tower Defence
    Most Wins: Fgeto - 5,627(+)
    Most Games Played: Fgeto - 5,627(+)
    Most Towers Built: iDqm - 12,601
    Most Monsters Sent: HurmitCurtis - 2,038,433(+)
    Most Monsters Killed: iDqm - 42,217
    Most Time Played: iDqm - 3+ days
    Most Coins Collected in 1 Game: Efcluke94 - 3,402,568

    Most EXP Collected in 1 Game: (not submitted)
    Best W/L Ratio: iDqm - 9.525

    Most Wins: Park0ur - 7,126(+)

    Most Competitive Games Played: Park0ur - 7,126(+)
    Most Fails: Park0ur - 4,659(+)
    Most Time Played: Park0ur - 3+ days

    I'll add records here as they're submitted.
    Level 5: josher17 - 00:10:819

    Most Wins: _ElitePringle - 8,155(+)
    Most Kills: Jeff_Bllkth - 66,721(+)
    Most Kills in One Game: SanCookie - 33
    Most Deaths: Cuteee - 19,004(+)
    Most Flags Captured: Andyuu - 9,947(+)
    Most Core Damage Dealt: Cuteee - 1,297(+)
    Most Games Played: Andyuu - 8,458(+)
    Most Arrows Shot: Cuteee - 26,489(+)
    Most Arrows Hit: Cuteee - 8,973(+)
    Most Blocks Broken: Andyuu - 108,828(+)
    Most Blocks Placed: Jeff_Bllkth - 476,394(+)
    Most Blocks Walked: Andyuu - 19,441,154(+)
    Most Time Played: Andyuu - 43+ days
    Best K/D Ratio: Jeff_Bllkth - 4.427
    Best W/L Ratio: Andyuu - 3.492

    EggWars (Normal)
    Most Wins: Shinte - 19,308(+)
    Most Solo Wins: NEO_K4T4N4 - 1,616(+)
    Most Team Wins: iDqm - 1,821(+)
    Most Kills: MiguelColli - 50,610(+)
    Most Deaths: Your_Buddy - 15,585(+)

    Most Games Played: Shinte - 19,308(+)
    Most Eggs Broken: MiguelColli - 8,286(+)
    Most Blocks Placed: MiguelColli - 608,797(+)
    Most Blocks Broken: MiguelColli - 14,914,181(+)
    Most Blocks Walked: Juskebat - 8,767,677(+)
    Most Time Played: Juskebat - 28+ days
    Best K/D Ratio: CommunistCactus - 12.048
    Best W/L Ratio: iDqm - 3.972

    EggWars (Speed)
    Most Wins: NLodjo - 12,222(+)
    Most Solo Wins: Kloska - 312(+)
    Most Team Wins: iDqm - 2,927(+)
    Most Kills: NLodjo - 61,470(+)
    Most Deaths: iiNoobiii - 8,371(+)

    Most Games Played: NLodjo - 13,892(+)
    Most Eggs Broken: NLodjo - 18,584(+)
    Most Blocks Placed: iiNoobiii - 442,238(+)
    Most Blocks Broken: NLodjo - 29,980(+)
    Most Blocks Walked: NLodjo - 11,052,493(+)
    Most Time Played: NLodjo - 26+ days
    Best K/D Ratio: Guildmaster - 26.625
    Best W/L Ratio: NLodjo - 9.406

    EggWars (Experimental)
    Most Wins: (not submitted)
    Most Kills: (not submitted)
    Most Deaths: (not submitted)
    Most Games Played: (not submitted)
    Most Eggs Broken: (not submitted)
    Most Blocks Broken: (not submitted)
    Most Blocks Placed: (not submitted)
    Most Blocks Walked: (not submitted)

    Most Time Played: (not submitted)
    Best K/D Ratio: (not submitted)
    Best W/L Ratio: (not submitted)

    PvP Duels

    Most Kills: _p3q_ - 41,661(+)
    Most Wins: _p3q_- 37,077(+)
    Most Deaths: _p3q_ - 3,603(+)
    Most Arrows Shot: _p3q_ - 50,760(+)
    Most Arrows Hit: _p3q_ - 21,361(+)
    Most Normal Wins: _p3q_ - 6,900(+)
    Most Classic Wins: _p3q_ - 185(+)
    Most Insane Wins: _p3q_ - 3,228(+)
    Most Overpowered Wins: _p3q_ - 4,210(+)
    Most Time Played: _p3q_ - 39+ days
    Best K/D ratio: Zetrum - 35.406

    Free For All (FFA)/Assassination
    Most Kills: zDreaming - 118,093(+)
    (FFA) Most Deaths: blocky12 - 21,743(+)
    (FFA) Best Killstreak: blocky12 - 366
    (FFA) Most Blocks Walked: blocky12 - 16,282,651(+)
    (FFA) Most Time Played: blocky12 - 27+ days
    (FFA) Best (Overall) K/D Ratio: HackersDontWin - 20.227
    (Assassination) Most Kills: vinlir - 10,761(+)
    (Assassination) Most Deaths: vinlir - 918(+)
    (Assassination) Most Blocks Walked: vinlir - 5,283,094(+)
    (Assassination) Most Time Played: vinlir - 13+ days
    (Assassination) Best K/D Ratio: vinlir - 11.722

    Most Wins: ImJqs - 14,602(+)
    Most Games Played: PerryJ - 15,042(+)
    Most Trophieis Attained: PerryJ - 41,184(+)
    Most MVP's Received: PerryJ - 4,089(+)
    Most Sidetasks Completed: PerryJ - 4,213(+)
    Best W/L Ratio: MJ010101 - 2.257

    Most Wins: Kloska - 504(+)
    Most Losses: Kloska - 65(+)
    Most Kills: Kloska - 3,835(+)
    Most Deaths: Kloska - 1,423(+)

    Most Games Played: Kloska - 560(+)
    Most Powerups Picked Up: Kloska - 1,486(+)
    Most Paintballs Shot: Kloska - 58,076(+)
    Most Blocks Broken: Kloska - 8,450(+)
    Most Blocks Painted: Kloska - 102,503(+)
    Biggest Killstreak: iDqm - 26
    Most Blocks Walked: Kloska - 557,974(+)
    Most Time Played: Kloska - 1(+) day, 20 hours
    Best W/L Ratio: Kloska - 7.754

    Layer Spleef
    Most Wins: PerryJ - 3,000(+)
    Most Losses: PerryJ - 2,703(+)

    Most Games Played: PerryJ - 5,696(+)
    Most Powerups Picked Up: PerryJ - 59,316(+)
    Most Blocks Broken: PerryJ - 853,423(+)
    Most Blocks Walked: PerryJ - 7,544,227(+)
    Most Layers Played On: PerryJ - 17,353(+)
    Most Eggs Shot: PerryJ - 242,859(+)
    Most Time Played: PerryJ - 26(+) Days
    Best W/L Ratio: PerryJ - 1.110

    Wing Rush
    Most Wins: PerryJ - 1,000(+)
    Most Kills: PerryJ - 7(+)
    Most Deaths: PerryJ - 75(+)

    Most Games Played: PerryJ - 943(+)
    Most Powerups Picked Up: PerryJ - 5,951(+)
    Most Checkpoints Reached: PerryJ - 15,556(+)
    Most Time Played: PerryJ - 4+ days
    Best W/L Ratio: PerryJ - 4.181

    Barn Brawl
    Most Wins: Kloska - 171(+)
    Most Games Played: Kloska - 201(+)
    Most Powerups Picked Up: FaliceRoses - 145(+)
    Most Animals Captured: Kloska - 1,745(+)
    Most Glowing Animals Captured: Kloska - 419(+)
    Most Animal Babies Caught: FaliceRoses - 8(+)
    Most Creepers Caught: Kloska - 280(+)
    Most Blocks Walked: FaliceRoses - 3,755(+)
    Most Time Played: Kloska - 22+ hours
    Best W/L Ratio: Kloska - 5.700

    Line Dash
    Most Wins: PerryJ - 8,000(+)
    Most Losses: PerryJ - 3,116(+)
    Most Kills: PerryJ - 17,715(+)

    Most Games Played: PerryJ - 8,345(+)
    Most Powerups Picked Up: PerryJ - 31,627(+)
    Most Line Blocks Made: PerryJ - 4,213,471(+)
    Most Blocks Walked: PerryJ - 5,432,861(+)
    Most Time Played: PerryJ - 8+ days
    Best W/L Ratio: PerryJ - 2.567

    Quake Craft
    Most Wins: PerryJ - 2,001(+)
    Most Kills: PerryJ - 64,560(+)
    Most Kills in One Game: PerryJ - 56
    Most Deaths: PerryJ - 19,012(+)
    Most Shots Fired: PerryJ - 112,114(+)
    Longest Killstreak: PerryJ - 38

    Most Games Played: PerryJ - 2,172(+)
    Most Blocks Walked: PerryJ - 3,399,310(+)
    Most Time Played: PerryJ - 6+ days
    Best W/L Ratio: PerryJ - 8.130
    Best K/D Ratio: iDqm - 3.280
    Best K/D Ratio in One Game: PerryJ - 48.000

    Slime Survival

    Most Wins as Survivor: iDqm - 28(+)
    Most Wins as Slime: iDqm - 32(+)
    Most Wins: iDqm - 60(+)

    Most Games Played: iDqm - 88(+)
    Most Survivors Caught: iDqm - 144(+)
    Most Powerups Picked Up: iDqm - 227(+)
    Most Survivors Recovered: iDqm - 21(+)
    Longest Distance Walked: iDqm - 88,868(+)
    Most Time Played: iDqm - 5+ hours

    Best W/L Ratio: (not submitted)

    (Mixed Arcade) Most Trophies Attained: iDqm - 25

    SkyWars (Solo)
    Most Wins: Jefe_Maestro1 - 19,645(+)
    Most Kills: Jefe_Maestro1 - 73,418(+)
    Most Deaths: Jefe_Maestro1 - 17,662(+)

    Most Games Played: Jefe_Maestro1 - 30,679+
    Most Arrows Shot: Jefe_Maestro1 - 338,544(+)
    Most Arrows Hit: (not submitted)
    Most Blocks Broken: Jefe_Maestro1 - 315,138(+)
    Most Blocks Placed: Jefe_Maestro1 - 1,024,486(+)
    Longest Distance Walked: JustRyann - 19,000,000(+)
    Most Time Played: Jefe_Maestro1 - 31(+) days

    Best K/D Ratio: (not submitted)
    Best W/L Ratio: (not submitted)
    Fastest Win: Kloska - 46 seconds

    SkyWars (Team)
    Most Wins: RichardDelPra - 10,000(+)
    Most Kills: Zhypo - 34,195(+)
    Most Deaths: Zhypo - 3,456(+)

    Most Games Played: RichardDelPra - 10,000(+)
    Most Arrows Shot: Zhypo - 99,025(+)
    Most Arrows Hit: EmmySpammy - 51,788(+)
    Most Blocks Broken: Zhypo - 155,284(+)
    Most Blocks Placed: Zhypo - 390,470(+)
    Longest Distance Walked: Zhypo - 11,090,618(+)
    Most Time Played: Zhypo - 39(+) days, 7 hours, 54 minutes
    Best K/D Ratio: Kloska - 5.417
    Best W/L Ratio: Kloska - 1.340
    Fastest Win: Kloska, Lqfe, BuriitoS, ChampionTristBoi - 31 seconds

    Survival Games (Solo)
    Most Wins: Joany - 5,564(+)
    Most Kills: Leovardo - 45,860(+)

    Most Deaths: Vickay - 2,241(+)
    Most Games Played: Joany - 5,564(+)
    Most Arrows Shot: xMegaCoolx - 38,420(+)
    Most Arrows Hit: xMegaCoolx - 18,826(+)
    Most Chests Opened: xMegaCoolx - 36,370(+)
    Longest Distance Walked: xMegaCoolx - 3,796,519(+)
    Most Time Played: xMegaCoolx - 17(+) days, 2 hours, 34 minutes
    Best K/D Ratio: Thefty - 13.506

    Best W/L Ratio: (not submitted)
    Fastest Win: Kloska - 22 seconds

    Survival Games (Team)
    Most Wins: RipSurvivalGames - 5,933(+)
    Most Kills: 3_1416zza - 35,565(+)

    Most Deaths: Thefty - 1,145(+)
    Most Games Played: RipSurvivalGames - 5,933(+)
    Most Arrows Shot: Thefty - 12,318(+)
    Most Arrows Hit: Thefty - 5,785(+)
    Most Chests Opened: Thefty - 20,141(+)
    Longest Distance Walked: Thefty - 7,012,228(+)

    Most Time Played: (not submitted)
    Best K/D Ratio: Poandra - 40.012
    Best W/L Ratio: (not submitted)
    Most Kills in One Game: Poandra - 15
    Fastest Win: RipSurvivalGames - 23 seconds

    Most Wins: Brunah - 4,253(+)
    Most Games Played: ViolationYT - 4,467(+)
    Most Microgames Won: Brunah - 56,978(+)
    Most Microgames Played: ViolationYT - 62,077(+)
    Most Boss Games Won: iDqm - 1,169(+)
    Most Time Played: iDqm - 5+ days
    Best W/L Ratio: iDqm - 6.896

    Battle Zone (Solo)
    Most Wins: aSteeve - 333(+)
    Most Kills: Foxy011 - 6,762(+)

    Most Deaths: Scottness - 94(+)
    Most Games Played: aSteeve - 333(+)
    Most Shots Fired: Scottness - 54,366(+)
    Most Shots Hit: Scottness - 1,516(+)
    Most Structures Built: Scottness - 11,006(+)
    Most Blocks Walked: Scottness - 1,460,012(+)
    Most Time Played: Scottness - 2+ days
    Best K/D Ratio: Scottness - 19.415
    Best W/L Ratio: Scottness - 1.232

    Battle Zone (Squad)

    Most Wins: kimmio - 389(+)
    Most Kills: Just_Tejay - 3,758(+)

    Most Deaths: iDqm - 47(+)
    Most Games Played: (not submitted)
    Most Shots Fired: iDqm - 12,552(+)
    Most Shots Hit: iDqm - 5,212(+)
    Most Structures Built: iDqm - 1,196(+)
    Most Blocks Walked: iDqm - 417,772(+)
    Most Time Played: iDqm - 14+ hours

    Best K/D Ratio: (not submitted)
    Best W/L Ratio: (not submitted)

    BETA Games
    Most Wins: ImMaan - 1,716(+)
    Most Human Wins: Kloska - 116(+)
    Most Infected Wins: Glazh - 1,079(+)
    Most Deaths: Glazh - 2,140(+)

    Most Games Played: ImMaan - 1,716(+)
    Most Infected Killed: Kloska - 1,223(+)
    Most Players Infected: iDqm - 1,425(+)
    Most Deaths: Glazh - 2,220(+)
    Most Players Infected in One Game: Glazh - 8
    Most Blocks Walked: iDqm - 596,566(+)
    Most Time Played: Glazh - 2+ days
    Best W/L Ratio: iDqm - 25.094

    Most Wins: m9068678 - 1,446(+)
    Most Solo Wins: Kloska - 236(+)
    Most Team Wins: Kloska - 443(+)

    Most Games Played: (not submitted)
    Most Items Collected: Kloska - 5,033(+)
    Most Blocks Walked: Kloska - 1,427,084(+)
    Most Time Played: Kloska - 5+ days
    Best W/L Ratio: Kloska - 3.536

    Fastest Solo Game of Full House: precisi0n - 12:00 mins

    Archer Assault
    Most Wins: iiLoveYouu - 2,520(+)
    Most Kills: (not submitted)
    Most Deaths: (not submitted)
    Most Games Played: (not submitted)
    Most Arrows Fired: (not submitted)
    Most Ultimates Used: (not submitted)
    Most Time Capturing Objective: (not submitted)
    Most Blocks Placed: (not submitted)
    Most Blocks Walked: (not submitted)
    Most Time Played: (not submitted)
    Best K/D Ratio: (not submitted)
    Best W/L Ratio: (not submitted)


    Most Points: NLodjo - 860,874
    Highest Level: NLodjo - 245(+)
    Most Cubelets: (not submitted)
    Most Super Cubelets: (not submitted)
    Most Uber Cubelets: (not submitted)
    Most Overall Cubelets: (not submitted)

    Most Loot Points: Fliqa - 101,598

    SheIsMyLife, Kloska, Baroet, Thefty, MJ010101, NLodjo, ZoonTijd, Juskebat, iDqm,Megaaa

    Games with 1,000+ wins for each club member:
    SheIsMyLife: Minerware, Arcade, Tower Defence...(potentially more) (Total 3(+))
    Kloska: Lucky Islands (Solo), Lucky Islands (Team), PvP Duels, Arcade, SkyWars (Solo), Speed EggWars (Team), EggWars (Team), Tower Defence, SkyWars (Team), Survival Games (Solo), Competititve Parkour (Total 11)
    Baroet: SkyWars (Solo), Survival Games (Solo), Minerware...(potentially more) (Total 3(+))
    Thefty: Survival Games (Solo), Survival Games (Team), PvP Duels (Total 3)

    MJ010101: Lucky Islands (Solo), PvP Duels, Arcade, Competitive Parkour, Lucky Islands (Team) (Total 5)
    NLodjo: Speed EggWars, EggWars, Arcade (Total 3)
    ZoonTijd: SkyWars (Solo), Infection, PvP Duels (Total 3)
    Juskebat: EggWars, Competitive Parkour, PvP Duels (Total 3)
    iDqm: Arcade, EggWars (Team), Speed EggWars (Team), PvP Duels, Tower Defence, Minerware, SkyWars (Team) (Total 7)
    Megaaa: SkyWars (Solo), SkyWars (Team), Survival Games (Solo), PvP Duels (Total 4)

    Most Messages: Moooofin - 17,868(+)
    Most Likes: Tacosbefriends - 10,832(+)
    Most Trophy Points: Spoon. - 614

    Most Followers: rubik_cube_man - 1,362(+)
    Most Liked Post: Cubecraft (link) - 320(+) likes
    Most Replies on a Thread: PinkStr3ak (link) - 7,805(+)
    Most Liked Profile Message: rubik_cube_man (link) - 90(+)
    Most Commented Profile Message: TeoVolcano (link) - 58(+) replies/comments

    Most Liked Posts by Subforum:
    Suggestions: Thefty (link) - 77(+)
    Introductions: Cynamooo (link) - 31(+)

    News: johncoles (link) - 130(+)
    Everything Else: musemat (link) - 60(+)
    Forum Games: Tacosbefriends (link) - 13(+)
    Artwork: Spuuuni (link) - 36(+)
    YouTube: johncoles (link) - 74(+)

    Most Blocks Removed in a Single Game of SkyWars: ZoonTijd, ImJustPinguin, MJ010101, Joel200, RemiO05, Spuuuni & _SkywarsLegend_ (link) - The Entire Map
    Largest Platform Built in EggWars (with a sheep on top): ZoonTijd, Spuuuni, ImJustPinguin, MJ010101 & MysticMoon_ (link)
    Largest Obsidian Base Built in EggWars: Miauw & LordCouscous (link)
    Largest Fort Built in SkyWars (Using only/mostly Lava and Water): CommunistCactus & jollow250 (link)
    Most Accurate Money Walls Recreation in EggWars: DragonLord, jollow250 & more (link)
    Longest Rollercoaster Built in Lucky Islands: CommunistCactus & Epicfartofdoom (link) - (no exact measurement)
    Longest Waterslide Built in Skywars: Gray_Ice & komododragon2002 (link) - (no exact measurement)

    Most Players' Names Read on the Forums in One Sitting: jollow250 (link)
    (coming soon)
    Bedrock Edition
    I'll add records here as they're submitted. If you're interested in submitting for a Bedrock Edition record, submit what you think could be a possible record.

    Survival Games
    Most Kills in One Game: LiveOmnivore794 - 15

    Most Kills in One Game: cobvig - 8
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    The number of wannabees on this forum compared to other servers.
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    this thread is soooo long, how long time did it take to make this thread xD?
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    The chances of me having a “most __” is next to impossible so...
    But thanks for spending the time to make this thread for others to show how many things they have!
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    Most likes: tacosbefriends
    Most trophy points: tie between tacosbefriends, younisco, and Sophie
    Most replied to thread:
    Most liked post: first post on this thread:
    What did you expect?
    Also for oldest none necroposted threads
    By non necroposted do you just mean unlocked or can they be locked threads
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    It's about time this thread came back. :) The only thing I would say is to copy some of the stats from the old thread until more stats are submitted.

    Det är redan jättebra MJ :)

    He made a quality thread so he's a wannabe? I miss when the forums actually had a community...

    Even if MJ is a wannabe, you yourself were a huge wannabe back in the day, so was I, and so were 95% of the people who use the term "helper wannabe". Let the kid have some fun like how most of us had lots of fun on the forums before. That's what Minecraft is supposed to be about right?
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    here is my team lucky island stats (1februari 2018)

    Attached Files:

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    I never called MJ out, what makes you assume I'm talking to him? we all stopped being helper wannabes after seeing the annoyances of it.
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    "We all stopped being wannabes after seeing the annoyances of it"
    Then you wouldn't post this reply for crying out loud
    You are going to make me start a rant at this rate
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    Where's Blockband?


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  12. xx_360noscope101

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    What? Then you wouldn't post this reply?
    The heck does that mean lmao.
    Idc if you want to rant but stop arguing, this is meant to be a world record thread.
    Convo me if you want to rant.
  13. MJ010101

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    Rethinking, I have no idea what my thought was when I added that record. I’ll remove it as it’s a very unfair record to achieve.
  14. Rivanaul

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    This probably took a lot of time
    Amazing job :D
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  15. Miauw

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    Jajaja I'm in the world record thing book thing!

    I'm only wondering how MiguelColli can have the most games played if there are 5 people who at least have more than that amount, also I do think @PerryJ has the most points. Something like 700k, if not more.

    Anyways, it's a nicely made thread. Sure would be funny to see some peculair world records added. For example: largest base ever made in EggWars.
  16. Kloska

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    I have 1736 cubies

    I have 16128 kills and 1600 deaths wich gives a k/d just over 10
    35k + kills
    12231 games played
    k/d 8,271...
    Team lucky, fastest game, 17 sec (when actually killing someone) Otherwise 1 sec when the player left.

    Team lucky 34 days played (+)
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  17. jollow250

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    how exactly does that work?
    You need a rank to get the vanity points bonuses

    Also I found a few more records that other people have gotten thanks to the forums
    Wesey seems to take that record
    [CHALLENGE] Who can get the most coins in a game?
    Also some personal additions
    Some UHC records
    Most blocks broken and most deaths
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  18. Max ♠

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    19 kdr :3
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  19. Riley

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  20. jollow250

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