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Jan 26, 2023
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When starting a match in multiplayer (like egg wars, sky wars, block wars…) and you are in a glass cube waiting for everyone to join in there is this timer which starts in a high number and if it is fair then the game start

My problem is when waiting for that one person who still needs to connect to the game to start or the timer to end you could be waiting for up to 2 min just waiting for that one person

This annoys the most to me in CTF

To when for example only one person more is needing to reduce the timer so you don’t have to wait that much for one person because when the game is full the timer is reduced to 10 seconds ,but when you need 1 more it can be 1.5 min


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Apr 9, 2020
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Totally agree, I've joined innumerable amount of matches where was needed only few people to start the game, but then some people left, then after some time some people joined but then they saw that there's not enough players so they left and this cycle could take even about 15 minutes sometimes.

If people would be patient enough I believe these matches could start in less then minute, but for most people it's much easier to just leave and join another match that's already started or where's more people waiting.

I think that CC is trying to solve this problem by sending people from different regions to matches where is few people waiting - and I think this sometimes helps - but not enough.

Changing the criteria for timer will be another think that will help solving this case, so I :agree: with this.
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