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(Bedrock) Fix the cubecraft pvp


Sep 15, 2020
I would honestly 10000000% recommend making the pvp to the Hives pvp, the pvp on the Hive actually consists combos and I LOVE to combo people.


Aug 27, 2020
Okay here are some tips that i would recommend as a 1.8 and 1.9 pvp player from Java to pure Bedrock pvp player this is my preference so feel free to not even listen

As a Blockwars PC main player
here are some tips i would like to share >//<

To make combos:
Sprint Jumping and CPS is the key here atleast for me since i was wondering how to combo players as well since Bedrock uses the same 1.8 pvp tactics clicking faster can always be an advantage here since hitting them first gives them a SLIGHT KB since we are on CC, so my trick is to sprint jump while hitting so basically you are already doing combos. Works everytime for me and just constantly winning keep in mind this is just my opinion it might not work for you and to the others as long as you know what you are doing you should be fine with this trick

To not get combo'ed:
Sneaking helps, as i notice in Blockwars and other games that Sneaking somehow cancels your kb in this server idk why it might be a bedrock thing im not sure but literally Sneaking even on the ledge can save you from falling off and as i tried that it saved me a lot of time to defend our base from other players

To heal:
Legit try not to get hit for a few seconds

those are my tips i have more for sure but idk how to explain them by typing maybe a video of explaining this whole thing or watching tutorials on how to pvp can help these are just my opinions thanks ;")

If you are wondering about my gamestats and playtime here:
Wins: 402
Kills: 5582
Deaths: 981
GamesPlayed: 475
FlagsCaptured: 692
BlocksPlaced: 23029
Time Played: 1 Day 13hours 9 mins

Currently on the road to top 50 for no reason :)
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