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Battle Zone - New Game Available Now!


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Apr 4, 2017
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Hello CubeCrafters,

We are incredibly proud to announce our brand new game which is now available to play: Battle Zone.
Up to a hundred players must battle to the death in what is the largest map we've ever manually crafted for a game here on CubeCraft. Scavenge and mine the map to gain weapons, resources and potions and avoid the deadly world border. Our brand new structure builder allows you to construct your defences and navigate the map with speed!

On board the Pig Plane.

The Map
The build team have done an incredible job creating a monstrous map for you all to explore! You'll discover locations scattered across the 1000x1000 map along with many other structures. Loot is hidden amongst these areas, different locations contain different amounts of chests so choose your desired landing location wisely. But while exploring the map, avoid the deadly world border at all costs, it's fast!

Battle Zone Map V1.jpg

The Map.

There are numerous locations scattered across the map. Here are a few of our favourites:

Shootout Strip

Dusty Dunes

Metal Mountain

Harsh Marsh

Riverside Ridge

Resources and Building
To be able to build you have to collect some of the 3 available materials: wood, stone and metal from trees, rocks and structures found throughout the map. As you approach a structure that you can mine resources from - we will automatically select the best tool for the job and let you know there is something there! The amount of materials you have are shown in the sidebar.


Source of Metal - Containers.


Source of Wood - Trees.


Source of Stone - Rocks.

Chopping a tree for Wood.

Once you've gathered resources from the environment, you will be able to use the building tool to build walls, floors and stairs. Each of these can be made out of wood, stone or metal. Using a more precious resource means the structure is more resilient to attacks from your enemies. We've made it quick and easy to change the building type and material type you want. If you left click on the build tool, you'll change the building structure you, if you shift left click on the building tool, you'll change the material type for your structure.

These buildings help you navigate around the map easier and support your protection against other players and their weapons. Specific materials are stronger than others and against specific guns. Wood being the weakest can be damaged with a couple of shots from a shotgun, while metal withstands a lot more damage.

Building Stone stairs.

Weapons and Chests
If you've been playing a lot of Quake Craft, you'll already be a pro at using our Battle Zone weapons. The weapons in this game are all mainly guns (for now), there's 5 different types of weapons: Pistol, Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Machine Gun and Sniper Rifle. There's 4 different ammo types: Pistol ammo, Shotgun ammo, Machine gun ammo and Sniper ammo. Each gun has a different range, ammo type, damage, clip size, cooldown and reload. But these attributes can vary on even the same type of gun, due to weapon "Rarity".

There's 5 types of weapons, but within them there's 5 different types of rarity: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary, Mythical. The rarer the weapon, the better the attributes are, such as damage dealt, cooldown and reload times. For example, you can have a rare Assault Rifle and a Mythical Machine Gun which have extremely similar weapon attributes.

Different weapons have different bullet ranges and spreads, such as a Sniper needs to hit a player exactly, but a pistol can be slightly off and still count. Shotgun bullet spread is a wide cone and Machine gun bullet spread is more random due to the firing recoil.

Shooting a player.

Chests are the key part of this game, as they supply you with health potions, weapons and ammo. Chests can be found all over the map, next to trees, in watchtowers and houses, but mainly in major locations such as Shootout Strip or Metal Mountain. Chests have different levels of loot, some chests contain weak weapons and little ammo, when some chests contain rare weapons, lots of ammo and health items. There are 3 types of health potions, there's a 5 heart potion, 10 heart potion and full health potion.

We really hope you enjoy playing our newest game, we'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions. Go have fun!

Battle Zone - Lag Warning Smaller.jpg

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Better than the original game, man I hate Fortnite.


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Jul 6, 2015
Andd, my own thread

Some suggestions I came along ^

The game has great potential, and can be really nice to play, though coming across teamers is a problem I have had multiple times
The game may be 'copied' from other servers, but you definitely gave it a different twist
I wouldn't mind leaderboards updating though :^)
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