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May 16, 2020
I'm somewhat new to the CC Skyblock and had a few questions about the automated farms.

1. If I were to make an auto farm for chickens for example when I collected the feathers from the chests would it count for quests or would I have to pick up the feathers naturally. (Additionally would I have to be the one who killed the chicken or would the quest still count it if they died from "natural" causes)

2. Do the spawners spawn mobs in the same radius as normal vanilla spawners (8x8x3).

3. Do peaceful mob spawners (cows, sheep, etc.) require any sort of light level to work or a specific block to spawn the mobs. I've heard of some servers restricting mobs to spawning on only a certain block (grass, stone, etc.)

I've been really enjoying this form of Skyblock and have been trying to think of unique ways to make my island more efficient and thus, these sorts of questions have been keeping me up at night, lol. Thanks :)


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Oct 17, 2016
Hej, this what I can answer with my knowledge!
1) The feathers you collect from the chest will be counted towards the quests. If a quest requires you to kill something you (or someone else on your island) will have to kill them. Lava/cacti kills are not counted towards the quests.
2) I believe they do, a spawner will spawn entities as long as you're in a 2 block radius. y-distance doesn't matter.
3) I have no idea about the light level but since I put mine in a box without torches I guess not. They can spawn on any block a mob can spawn in vanilla. (No slabs, leaves, ...)
Hope this helps! Ask more question if you need, I'll try to answer them.
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