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  1. P

    All Networks SkyBlock Pigman AFK XP

    Dear CubeCraft Games Team, I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to express my thoughts regarding the AFK XP farm that was present in your game. I've invested significant time and effort into creating this farm, and I believe it has become an integral part of the game experience for many...
  2. asoja

    Skyblock Exp Farms For Each Island

    This is what I got so far. Let me know what I'm missing / if anything is wrong --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oak Forest: You don’t need exp bud. Plains: Still no Cold Taiga: Cows / Lapis Jungle: Spiders / Lapis Desert: Zombies / Lapis Birch...
  3. asoja

    Java Skyblock Best Exp Farms?

    Does anyone know what the best exp farm is at Mountains / Nether 1?
  4. L

    Resolved Crops in SkyBlock, BedRock

    Does hydrating the farm block effect the growth speed of the crops. Just would like to know if I am wasting space with have a water source in my farms.
  5. E

    Is my cow farm that bad?

    I just made a cow farm and showed it to my friends but they started screaming and crying? They don't even play skyblock or minecraft in general so is my farm so bad that even people that don't play the game recognize it's flaws? Can someone point out what I did wrong?
  6. Moos_

    Exp farm ideas?

    As the title says, does anyone have ideas for a exp farm? (I'm at the desert island)
  7. S1ard

    Java Trading

    In Skyblock you cannot trade. I understand that, since the entire gamemode is based around unlocking and THEN being able to get stuff. But how about you can only receive stuff you've already unlocked? That would be very helpful! :D Thanks for reading my proposal, and as always, have an epic day!
  8. E

    What’s the deal with spawners?!?

    so spawners aren’t consistent at all. Is there a formula or guide on how to calculate the height required for a 1 hit kill? why does the height change seemingly randomly?
  9. kitt

    2nd richest beetroot farmer

    Yes, so I hear you come for advice on how to expand your beetroot farm? Well I got tempted a lot so here it is I suggest making a 2x2 water pipe then suggest grabbing a stone hoe and expanding your farm to a 7x7 continue on from there and I suggest making some beetroot soup too, it can be worth...
  10. V

    Basic automatic cow farm

  11. lightindonut

    creeper farm

    aight im at the craft 50 tnt and since creepers destroy your freaking island how da hell am i going to do this if someone has an efficient farm that doesn't blow up hmu
  12. Balke01

    Auto Farms

    I'm somewhat new to the CC Skyblock and had a few questions about the automated farms. 1. If I were to make an auto farm for chickens for example when I collected the feathers from the chests would it count for quests or would I have to pick up the feathers naturally. (Additionally would I...
  13. T

    How to make animal farms?

    How do you make a semi-automatic cow farm? I tried making one but couldn't get the cows to spawn in water/air. I would love to not have to kill the cows myself, rather they die from fall damage.
  14. L

    Skyblock Redstone in skyblock

    I was breezing through the forums, and noticed something... WHEN WILL REDSTONE BE ADDED. when I first started playing skyblock one of my first goals was to make a very basic redstone farm, So the fact that it hasnt been added, to begin with is just mind boggling.
  15. J

    Fast Points

    How can I get points quickly? I don't want to have to play 500 hours to upgrade something.
  16. Caliditas

    Afk wins farming

    Hey, Is just standing afk in a party to get much wins bannable? Some people are doing this to get free wins without doing anything so maybe it could be considered as multiaccounting. Thanks for the answer! Caliditas
  17. Gonal

    XP Farm

    Hello, I would like to know some method to level up quite quickly but do not skip the Cubecraft rules. Thank you. - ReadyToWin
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