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Dec 23, 2015
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We all have different stories on how we came to be playing Minecraft and more specifically Cube, so... how did you get here?


What was your ORIGINAL username?
What was your FIRST skin?
How did you discover Minecraft and when did you start playing?
How and when did you discover Cube and what’s your best memory so far?

If you would like to find out the exact date you joined Minecraft, go here https://account.mojang.com/me and you will see “Since: x/x/x” in that section near the top.

I’ll start off by telling my origin story.. (does not involve parents getting shot in an alley after the movies).

What was your ORIGINAL username? Cheez2009

What was your FIRST skin? Link represent!

How did you discover Minecraft and when did you start playing? A friend of mine was playing on the OG Singleplayer “Survival Island” custom map and showed it off to me. I was really interested in the survival aspect of Minecraft and so I started playing it for myself.
Big throwback to my first ever MC world (Warning, potato cam + cringe).-

How and when did you discover Cube and what’s your best memory so far? I may have played on Cube before this as I hopped on a lot of different servers checking out games, but as most of you know I joined the community last year when The Chunk was merging with Cube. It was a rough beginning but eventually, you guys accepted us and I hope you’ve all enjoyed getting to know me as much as it’s been awesome getting to know this whole community (seriously, y’all awesome)! I don’t really have a best moment yet but I really enjoy being a part of Cube’s Streams sometimes and also @Mac 's personal streams. It gives me a chance to play with a ton of the community members and just have an awesome time in general. Big thanks to everyone for making 2016 a good CCG year, more awesomeness to come (I promise)! ;)
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Jul 16, 2016
The nest of dorks
Username: EthanFeiges (Changed it due to privacy reasons)
First skin. I haven't changed my skin in so long that, it doesn't even show my old skin. I remember it was like a halo skin?
How did I discover Minecraft. Well, My story is pretty complicated. I join Minecraft in 2013 as a friend recommended it to me. I was only 11 so, I wasn't really skilled. So, I despised Survival and at the time, I was obsessed with Baseball. So, I built a baseball field but then, my Minecraft broke. So, I gave up Minecraft for a while then, came back to it for a little, then left one year later. Then, 2 years ago 2015 (Around June) Someone recommended to download console Minecraft which I did, then, I got really addicted to Minecraft and started to play it a lot. I also really Enjoyed Roblox but then, in October of 2015, My roblox account got hacked and I saved up to get a computer so, I decided to re try Minecraft. (Now with the knowledge with servers)
Cringe Moment: I built a dirt shack when I re joined Minecraft in 2015 and I thought I was pro.
When I discover cube is when, at the time of February of 2016, I was obsessed with Lucky blocks but, couldn't download the mod. One day, my friend told me that this server had Lucky Island. I was leaping with joy. A place where I could Play Lucky blocks. By far my favorite moment with cube is getting into the forum community and trying out different games. Everyone here is so nice in many ways and I love it


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Nov 27, 2015
Lobby 1 of everywhere
My first username was McKingOp

My first skin was Charmander

I got my account June 25 20013 but I had been using my brothers since 2012 I reaaly loved the idea of exploratin and building thats how I got into minecraft

I discovered Cube after a long time of trying to find a server I really liked but none were sticking then when I found cube and eggwars I loved it I think my best memory so far was when I atempted to play blockband(the details are messy) lets just say I sucked at it.
Those are my orgins <3
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Nov 27, 2016
What was your ORIGINAL username? lucky183 (my brother, who bought the game, selected a random name I guess)

What was your FIRST skin? Steve (for reals doe, it was so long ago, I forgot. The only other skin besides my current one that I remember was a diamond skin, it's basically a steve wearing fake diamond armor).

How did you discover Minecraft and when did you start playing?
I believe the first version I ever played was 1.5.2 and I really got interested at 1.6. It all started with some YouTuber playing something like Skyblock and I just had to play it. I started playing February 15th of 2013.
Date is rite here ^ ^ ^

How and when did you discover Cube and what’s your best memory so far? I don't know when I discovered Cubecraft, but I do know it was when I played eggwars. It hasn't been 2 years yet I forgot like everything. My best memory was probably when I wanted to join multiplayer. I was so little then, I didn't even know how to find servers. One day I saw an IP and I typed it in and found a survival server, been playing on it like 24/7. After I grew up I started playing Cubecraft and other servers.
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Jan 10, 2017
The Netherlands
What was you ORIGINAL username?
Renebussen (my name are René and I like buses)

What was your FIRST skin?

How did you discover Minecraft and when did you start playing?
On my first account was I started with playing on 1.6, my second account 1.8 (R.I.P. first account)

How and when did you discover Cube and what's your best memory so far?
Youtube xD
I play skywars, and I was thinking that you need a rank for kits :)


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Dec 21, 2014
Freak Show
What was your ORIGINAL username?
CyanYellow. Always has, always will be. :P
What was your FIRST skin?
My first skin was an original one, so I don't have a picture of what it looked like. It's long gone john now. :P
How did you discover Minecraft and when did you start playing?
I discovered minecraft from a game/show called CodeLyoko. Years ago, I had this iPod and a DS. CodeLyoko was a game on the DS and soon after I finished the game I searched it up on the App Store and minecraft was what popped up. Then after, I fell in love with minecraft and here I am now. I played it for years on a device, but never on PC, so I got minecraft on the 30th of June, 2014.
How and when did you discover Cube and what’s your best memory so far
I discovered CubeCraft from a friend the day I bought minecraft. She told me to go to this really fun server and play a really fun game called Sky Wars. I had no idea what I was doing so she explained and guided me around the server. I fell in love and never left. It's almost been 3 years that I've been on this server. :) My best memory..hm. It's hard to decide the best because every moment on cube is the best.


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Oct 20, 2015
My first Username: IRedRabbitZ

First skin:
back.png Front.png

How i discovered Minecraft:

I found Minecraft through watching YouTube a while ago but didn't actually start playing until the 27th December 2014 because i didn't have a PC to play it on at the time. I had played the Xbox version before that but i don't remember when i first played that. When i first started playing PC Minecraft i just remember playing survival servers, playing mod packs and building loads.

How i discovered Cube and my favorite memory:
I learned about Cube on i think it was the 13th or 14th April 2015 through a person i met (and now very... very close with) on a completely random server i joined, i became really good friends with her and she invited me to play Skywars with her on here :p . I was actually about to stop playing Minecraft all together because all i'd played before joining was small survival servers and i was getting bored and didn't know there was so much more to play. We started playing Skywars together and met so many people.
Now my favorite memory... this is a hard one. I think i'm going to have to generalize because i have so many memories. I think 2015 summer when i was playing Skywars lots and first started playing Survival games back in 1.8. I remember pretty much constantly playing skywars and SG, meeting people and making so many friends, enjoying the transition from being a completely pvp noob to an actual decent player :p and also gaining a name for myself. I know there are still so many memories to come though, they may never touch that time period but i know ill enjoy it nevertheless. You can never really beat the feeling you had of when you first started playing the gamemode you still love nearly 2 years on.
(Yes... i got addicted to both Skywars and SG the moment i started playing them...)
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Dec 29, 2015
What was your ORIGINAL username?
My original name was Reddog37 (idk why but people like that name better than my current one) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

What was your FIRST skin?
Oh lordy, well. I think I may have an ancient screenshot saved somewhere from that cringy time as an 11 year old. Let me see if I can go find it..

How did you discover Minecraft and when did you start playing?
Well, throwback to 5th grade (what is that, like 2011/2012 I think?) , my best friend (she's actually the other person in that screenshot from the previous question lol) told me about this "awesome" game and how it was so much fun and that I had to get it so I could play with her on her private server. So I convinced my parents to let me get it and I literally no-lifed my friend's server. The simplicity of the game had me engaged and made me wonder what I could do next with the wide variety of options, and even though I was really bad (and still am) at the game, I loved it so much. And eh, I guess somehow I've ended up here, I'm not quite sure how though.

How and when did you discover Cube and what’s your best memory so far?
Ah yes. Well, I had to quit minecraft after playing with my friend on her server because I didn't have a personal laptop/computer. Eventually I thought it was about time to get a computer, so flashback to the summer of 2015. I worked for about a month at the summer camp held at the stables for about a month from 8-4 (freaking so tired afterwards oml) and got enough money for a cheap laptop, yes the one I am currently writing this from (and can't even get above 15fps :mad:). So I got immediately back into Minecraft and my friends introduced me to CubeCraft, and being the antisocial kiddo I am I got on the server and literally ran around the lobby for about 5 minutes before leaving, just kinda trying to avoid social situations. I came back maybe a week later when my friends ( @dontbossme and @royalyell0w If yall see this tell me cause we need to play more) had the time to play a round of skywars, so that's where I got introduced to this amazing server and I've been here since :p
(omg I didn't even realize that there's two questions in this one)
I have to say that my best memory from being on this server is no-lifing the old Assassination. Yes, that older Assassination. The one that was always full and only let 100 players join was my life, and I wasn't even good at it, but I spent so many hours on there and met so many great people and it's really had a positive effect on my experience here :p

Okayy, that's actually really long, kudos to you if you actually read all of that.


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Feb 8, 2014
Land O' Corn
What was your ORIGINAL username?: BlueMoon475 :P

What was your FIRST skin?: That was four years ago, I don't have access to a picture anymore xD But it was like a black and bright aqua hoodie with turquoise hair and blue eyes.

How did you discover Minecraft and when did you start playing?: I saw my Stepdad playing it one day, and he let me use his account for a few years (I started using his account in 2009), then come 2013 for my birthday he let me buy my own account.

How and when did you discover Cube and what’s your best memory so far?: I discovered CubeCraft in 2013 while searching for a server for me and my friend to hang out on. We were looking for Parkour like most people were xD My best memory.. There are too many memories to really decide on a 'best', but the closest I can get is when I formally met my fiance for the first time <3
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Aug 6, 2016
Treasure town :D
What was your ORIGINAL username? LikHerOfWinds
What was your FIRST skin? Link from Legend of Zelda

How did you discover Minecraft and when did you start playing? I discovered it from SkyDoesMinecraft and PrestonPlayz; around 2014-15
How and when did you discover Cube and what’s your best memory so far? I discovered cube while scrolling through servers, yet I couldn`t play until Early 2015 (I didn`t have mc pc)
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Jan 30, 2014
What was your ORIGINAL username? XMOAB2DEATHX (yeah I was a Cod player and I thought this looked cool, it's pretty cringe.)

What was your FIRST skin?

The Cracked Era means that I pirated the game and played it offline, I bought my account in 2012.
These are the actual skins that I used over the years, obviously I did change them sometimes but never for longer than 1 week before it went back.

How did you discover Minecraft and when did you start playing?

I discovered Minecraft through looking for MMO Browser games to play and found the Minecraft website and continued to watch the Minecraft trailer that was made by Vareide.
The trailer honestly hit me right in the nostalgia feels, I tear up a little at him saying "where everything is made of blocks." and the sun ironically rises and it's square as well. Always makes me laugh.

How and when did you discover Cube and what’s your best memory so far?
I honestly don't remember my first memories of playing multiplayer before Cube, they always seemed like this rare thing that you had to be personally invited to and none of my friends had them so we made Hamachi servers and it was stupid to setup and they were slow but we got there. But once I was introduced to minigame based servers I played lots of parkour servers and was searching for the perfect one when I found this thread post on the Minecraft Forums that was posted by Rubik_Cube_Man advertising a new Parkour server.

This is it here.

The server had less than 200 people on it and the lobbies were fairly basic, it was a lot of fun. I was only there for parkour, I thought that's where everyone was all the time, I didn't realise that the server had a massive Skywars following, I thought the Network just had extra pvp games for decoration like "oh hey, we have these other things too, if you want to try those.". I eventually did try Skywars and I fell in love. I played for hours, hours and hours. The leaderboards were added and I constantly aimed for those every month, which is how I got Gold Rank without paying a penny.

In this particular video from John Cole's YouTube channel, this is an archive from one of the livestreams he did years back, you can see in this particular shot my old skin head and old username on 4th place in the leaderboard.


Eventually I went to forums, blah blah blah, years went back, entered competitions, got Obsidian, made a million art request threads and here I am now.
I've met a spectacular amount of people, a list of people too large and 95% of the people are no longer here, so pointless to list but they know who they are.

I've got a particular memory that sticks out the most, mainly just the update in general:

  • The launch of UHC, this launch was probably the biggest peak percentage of CubeCraft's history, at least that's I believe from personal memory. The owners were playing it when it first launched, they weren't prepared for the total of players playing which was basically 98% of the Network and the servers were scarce so they were filling INSTANTLY, it took 15 minutes to luckily from spamming signs to actually get in one. UHC is brilliant because you spent an hour or probably more with these random people planning and surviving and you will build relationships with them throughout the course of the game, it's a great way to meet people.
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Power Ranger

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Apr 20, 2016
The ♡
First username: POWER_RANGER55 whenever I couldn't think of an answer on a test or something the first thing that came to mind was power rangers so I chose this naturally :3

What was your first skin?: I never changed my skin on my original account :3 https://namemc.com/profile/POWER_RANGER55/0582

How did you discover minecraft and when did you start playing?: My older brother once played it in my living room on my crap computer and I watched him make a nether portal at an amazing 5 fps :D I was skeptical of the game since the graphics were... you know :P I played it the very next day (this was I think September 2012 maybe earlier) on my brother's account playing survival on peaceful mode :P

How did you discover :cube_light: and what's your best memory on here?: Might as well get this out here since some moderators already know it... a couple months after 1.9 was released my friends told me that a 1.9 minigames server had finally came around. I was super excited that I'd finally be able to put months of practicing 1.9 pvp to work and played a couple games completely destroying everyone along with my friends. There was however another reason why I joined the server. One of those friends was a hack client developer and he had come out with one of the first 1.9 clients and wanted me to join the testing group. I played about 3 games with them with his new client getting a couple laughs at the anticheat (yes even be hackers realize how much of a joke the anticheat is) I got bored of hacking after those 3 games as it took what little challenge and fun there was in pvp away. :( I have contacted mods about this and they decided not to ban me sadly

As for my favorite memory on cubecraft it has to be when a lot of old friends of mine and I got power ranger skins and joined a couple games of Aztec. We spammed the chat with "It morphin' time" and had a real blast beating up everyone with no armor xD we decided to punch the last person to death but sadly he didn't come back alive 100x times bigger than after he died :(
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Jul 28, 2015
What was your ORIGINAL username? telefoonoplader (it means phonecharger(don't judge me it was my brother's account and he's special))
What was your FIRST skin? a homer simpson skin..! I think...
How did you discover Minecraft and when did you start playing? I was at the house of a friend of mine and he was playing Minecraft, soooooo when I got home I asked my brother if it was okay to play on his account, since he didn't play anymore anyway (I think). I started playing in creative flatworld and blowing stuff up. Another friend asked me to play some factions with him, I was a big noob. After that server I though MCMMO was vanilla.... So I tried it on another server... Didn't go too well, on the 2nd factions server I played on, we were one of the bigger factions, which we still are today, I just log on for power though. (This all started about 2-2.5 years ago)
How and when did you discover Cube and what’s your best memory so far? Another friend that lived like idk how far away from me that I met via that factions server he told me about Cubecraft and gave me the IP, I had played on different Skywars server, hadn't played it for a long time though... So he directed me to the Skywars lobby, and we played on the map Nether. Yes I still remember that. My greatest memory is that that friend got obsidian for nothing. Yup nothing. It was some sort of a bug where obsidian only costed €3,-. Nope I have no clue what it was but I won obsidian a while later and I was hella happy because I accidentally won Diamond 2 days before for my friend, the friend that got me into Minecraft, yup, I'm reaaaaaaaaaally lucky :P (it was that 40k follower twitter giveaway with the codes that got tweeted at noon)
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Aug 10, 2016
What was your ORIGINAL username?
Well, before i even bought minecraft, i used a cracked launcher. My first name ever was ''1UurOVKaartje'', i used that name from December 2011 until May 2012, then i decided to use my friend's account since he didn't like playing anymore, his name was superdano. After a while i finally decided that i want to buy minecraft myself and so i came up with the most cringey name...

What was your FIRST skin?

How did you discover Minecraft and when did you start playing?
In June i went to visit my old friend all they way in Poland. When i was there he wanted to play some games so i agreed since it was pretty boring. First game he showed me was Minecraft, he has his own little server and i loved it. I told my mom that i wanted to buy it but she disagreed because she thought that i would buy it and never play it. Because of that i stayed at my friend's house for 3 days and all we played was minecraft. Eventually, and unfortunately i had to go back to The Netherlands. So because i wanted to play minecraft i tried to find i way i could play it without buying it, it didn't work until i found a ''cracked'' launcher and that was how my minecraft adventure began. OH and i also played minecraft demo 3 weeks straight before that.

How and when did you discover Cube and what’s your best memory so far?
So when i was like 11/12, me and my friends decided to play some minecraft minigames together. My friend searched for a EU server we could play on and eventually we found Cube.


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Jun 26, 2016
My shed
What was your ORIGINAL username? Duck_Daan (i shared my old account with a friend)

What was your FIRST skin? I was a slime in a suit (aKa PeteZahHutt)

How did you discover Minecraft and when did you start playing?

When i was playing at my friends house, he asked me if he wanted to play Minecraft. I was like:'What is that.' And then he showed me this beautiful game.
As soon as he showed me it, i bought it. And well that account was back in 2013. 1,5 years later, that account got hacked, so i got a new one (this current one)

How and when did you discover Cube and what’s your best memory so far?

I discovered Cube when i wanted to play hide and seek, so i looked up hide and seek servers, and BOOM. Cubecraft appeared at #1, so i logged in and played on it for 3,5 years now.

Greatest moment was when @rubik_cube_man helped me with winning one game of skywars. It was when beach (OG skywars map) still had grass at the bottom, so he deleted that and killed my opponent while also killing himself :D. And yes scout kit (that gave the player perm speed) was my main kit back then

Who still remembers the old lobby where everything was connected, and the server didn't use the compass to travel from game to game?
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Spyridon Agnew Dragon

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May 27, 2016
What was your FIRST skin?
It was me of course however the quality was bad so i changed it to the one i have now

How did you discover Minecraft and when did you start playing?
I found minecraft while watching a youtuber by the name of Kyr Sp33dy in his survival series than eventually his now deceased server Crewcraft

I started pc edition minecraft February 14th 2015
How and when did you discover Cube and what’s your best memory so far?
I dont remember when i found cube but i do remember it was shortly after TbnrFrags started his eggwars series

my favorite memory was killing mac yesterday in eggwars
(Id clip it but twitch dosent let me rewatch past broadcasts)


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Nov 20, 2015
somewhere deep in the woods
What was your ORIGINAL username?
My original name was Theft90, my brother gave me the nickname "Theft" when I was around 7 and the number 90 just got there somehow.
What was your FIRST skin?
My first skin was a Green Knight, can't find the link :/
How did you discover Minecraft and when did you start playing?
At around 2011 my brother started playing and I kept on watching him, so he bought me Minecraft for my birthday later that year.
How and when did you discover Cube and what’s your best memory so far?
My friend showed this server to me in 2015, probably when I got to the leaderboards for the first time in SG.
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Dec 6, 2015
the Netherlands
What was your ORIGINAL username?
TheJeroenGames. Yes I used to be a YT Wannabe that didn't have a channel at al, no hate ty.
What was your first skin?

Foxy The Pirate from FNAF 1
How did you discover Minecraft and when did you start playing?

Not sure when I discovered the game, but I do know back in Christmas 2014 my sister noticed I often watched Minecraft YouTubers. So she deciced to give me the game as a gift and at first I wasn't too hyped about it and thought I might quit the game after a few months as I prefered watching and not playing. And now I'm in love with the game, who'd have guessed?
How and when did you discover Cubecraft and what's your best memory so far?
17 Februari 2015 a YouTuber I watched recorded a video just as Team SkyWars was released. I posted a reaction asking for the IP of the unknown server, after 2 days I got a response of a random person and I started playing on Cubecraft.
And my best memory? I got so many so why bother choosing one over another ¯\(ツ)
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Oct 21, 2015
What was your ORIGINAL username?
Well, my first Minecraft username was LuckyRemon.
I did not know an ''original'' name, so my mother helped me a bit.
But before I bought Minecraft, I had a cracked account/launcher called klootviooltje. I shared this account with one of my friends, but after a while, I was done with that. I could not play on the larger servers, like CubeCraft, Hypixel, etc.
First, my parents thought it was money wasting. I have talked with them - ''but my friends also have Minecraft...'' Well, you know :p
After two months, on August 26, 2015, I have bought Minecraft. And yes, I was so happy!

What was your FIRST skin?
Sometimes, I think: ''Why did I ever worn this skin?''
The skins there are now, are completely different than before.
My cousin was a big fan of The Hobbit, Knights, etc. So we searched together for this kind of skins, and finally, we found one:


How did you discover Minecraft and when did you start playing?
I was actually a bit persuaded by my friends to play Minecraft.
We had our own server for friends and I was an Admin, but I really did not know anything about Minecraft: how to use commands, how to type in the chat, how to PvP, how to place blocks, etc.
Summarized: I was a noob. And I was a big one, yes.
This all was about 4 years ago.

How and when did you discover Cube and what’s your best memory so far?
When I bought my own Minecraft account, I directly played Cubecraft, because my friends asked me to play Eggwars. That was their favorite game.
But there is one thing what is really weird - before I bought Minecraft, my friends were playing so much Minecraft, almost too much. But exactly on the moment I bought Minecraft, then they played less. I do not know why, but after a year, they were stopped with playing Minecraft. So I was the only one who liked Minecraft.
Now, none of my real-life friends plays Minecraft. They play games like ARK Survival and War Thunder.
Only my girlfriend @MrsVierhout plays Minecraft :p


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May 8, 2016
the sushi bar
What was your ORIGINAL username?

What was your FIRST skin?
first skin.png

How did you discover Minecraft and when did you start playing?

Like 3 or 4 years ago my neighbour showed me cubecraft after he let me play on his account.
I liked cube and I kept playing it!

How and when did you discover Cube and what’s your best memory so far?
Same story as how I discorverd minecraft.
And my best memory?
I dont know, I've so much good memories!
The first time @Tacosbefriends and @Alex_de_Grote joined my little server: That's how I started building.
That time I got super hyped when @DYD. was in my stream as helper :P
When I joined forums and made here friends :D
Or this one:
(the cringe though!).

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