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  1. foomini

    Skins Foomini's Skin Database

    This is the skin database of mine! Keep in mind all skins available here are free to use! Giving credit is very appreciated. I do not take requests for user-specific skins, you can commission me however. I take suggestions for skin themes, but it never means I will do it 100%. :pride:THREAD...
  2. Dont kill

    Skins Some thing strange is happing🤣 (Skin glitches)

    Skin glitches:bluesus::redsus: Don't forget to give me :agree: https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/eggwars-shop-in-bedrock.295583/ Don't forget to give me :agree: https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/eggwars-shop-in-bedrock.295583/
  3. N

    Is it illegal to use reverse skin?

    Although this skin is more interesting, players using this skin are very deceptive when playing skywars and eggwars. It's easy for opponents to think that the player didn‘t notice that he was attacking him, which will destroy the balance.
  4. F

    BlockWars CTF skin

    Hi, I want the Blockwars CTF skin like this is there a download link for it?
  5. Rebeka

    Skins OldGhost

    This skin was made up by a story from my dreams.. German: Ich machte eine Haut, die die Geschichte erzählte, dass dieser alte Geist in einem verlassenen Haus war. Ich selbst habe gesehen, wie die Geister sie den "alten Geist" nannten. Am Ende stellte sich heraus, dass es ein Traum war, also...
  6. Fleyper

    Skins Christmas skin for a staff member!

    Hello! So I want to share with you a Christmas skin that I made for one of the developers (@RDev_ ) If you want to check other skins that I made you can go to my Skindex profile: https://www.minecraftskins.com/profile/4804585/fleyper...
  7. electoon712

    Skins My New Skin!!

    This is a new skin that I made as a sort of reimagining of my first "real" skin that I used so long ago! I tried to stray away at least a bit from the "traditional" girl skin design in making it!! My old one was just an incredibly poor edit of this skin, in order to make it slightly resemble...
  8. Maaarijn

    Artwork Marijn's Profile Picture Factory! (part 2)

    Hello everybody!! About 3 years ago I had a thread called "Marijn's profile picture factory" in which I made people profile pictures (inspired by @Story who did it as well a while before me)! (You can watch the thread here if you're interested...
  9. kibelek

    How can I set my profile image on CubeCraft bedrock?

    Hello, I have a question. How can I set my profile image on CubeCraft bedrock. In the screenshot below, we can see that some of my friends have "?" on their profile images, and other have their skin on their profile avatar. On my profile image, I have a "?" skin but not my skin. How can I set...
  10. Meiske

    Artwork My Minecraft skin

    Hey guys, gals and others, I felt like drawing something, so I drew my Minecraft skin! Let me know how you feel about it, critique is always welcome. Also, you can find the time lapse of the drawing HERE. Stay safe, Meiske
  11. G

    Skins Remake Parkour Skin

    So, I remade the parkour skin just because I'm bored ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ You can get the skin here: https://namemc.com/skin/3185fd3fb73e6d1b (Pshh: wanna know how I got the underside of the feet? Well, I disabled the internet connection and had like 10 seconds to break all these blocks under the skin :p )
  12. R

    Skins Looking for a npc's skin

    Hey. I am looking for skin that there is in the cubecraft lobby. I really like the blue parrot skin. What is that skin? How to take it?
  13. Dubby Plays

    I'm trying to improve my skin...Any thoughts?

    The 1st one is the classic skin I always had, 64x64 pixels, for both Java and Bedrock.The 2nd one, is a new experiment I tried to do, a 128x128 pixels remake, that works only on Bedrock. A friend of mine told me that he prefers the head of the 2nd skin with the body of the 1st skin, Personally...
  14. Dubby Plays


    yeet yeet :D ABOUT THE SKINS: Normal Size Large Size There are 5 different skin styles: SnowyWarz (2nd skin + Armor) Warz (Full) Warz (Full + Original Head) Warz (Cursed) Warz (Extreme Cursed) :) CREDITS & INFOS: ;) MY INFOS & SPAM: Discord: Xbox...
  15. C

    Appealing problem.

    Hi! I`ve been banned from the server for using an offensive skin. I was told to change it, and then appeal. The problem is that when I try to appeal it says this: "Error! "VagineitorPlus" has never joined the server, please make sure you are entering your username and not your appeal code." I`ve...
  16. Reindeer // Paige

    Artwork Egyptian Origins - Marketplace Skin Pack

    =^-^= Hey guys! =^-^= Some of you may have seen this before but, for those who haven't I would like to introduce to you the first set of skins I have made for CubeCraft on the Marketplace. This pack is for sale on there now! The pack consists of 19 skins that are high definition. With animals...
  17. Pendragon

    Display skin in profile

    Hello! On the server in the profile shows that I have a skin of Steve, although I have another skin. I also think others see me as Steve. Already tried to change the skin, but nothing has changed. What to do?
  18. A

    Same skin in win 10

    I just play some eggwars(win 10) and i saw a hacker which is same skin as me i think is the reason of hack so he can change skin but after than i find about 5 people in lobby which use the same skin as me IS IT A BUG IM MAD NOW
  19. TheDarkSavage

    The Tacosbefriends Movement! [Forum Game]

    Hey everyone, TDS here. So, the Tacosbefriends movement is where everyone changes their skin to Tacosbefriends' skin. It's that simple. Join the movement!! How: Reply 'No thank you.' Can we get to 100 'No thank you.'s on the poll?
  20. Lezappen

    Video Trolling Gainfullterror

    I thought I'd share this video were @Shamel and I decided to transform and make @Gainfullterror 's alter ego.... Have fun, we certainly did XD:
  21. E

    Lobby skywars idea

    Hello, I would like to give my idea for the skywars lobby My idea, aware that in the lobby this your skin standing together with your esatticas of the skywars, that would be pretty cool So you could see your skin and your stats
  22. A

    Is It okay if I make a compilation?

    So I Just wanted too ask any Cubecraft staff or any one that can help me with this information Is it okay if I make a Compilation Of Inappropriate Skin I saw and got a lot of snapshots on would I be allowed to make a Compilation Video of all the snapshots I got or does it Have too be a video of...
  23. T

    Minecraft Skin Service

    Do you ever feel that your Minecraft skin is just so..... plain? Do you feel that the default skin is making you throw up every time you set your eyes upon its ugly face? Well suffer no more!!! I, Tskcool as I will be known, will fix that problem. Send me your request for a skin and I promise...
  24. BanBoy

    New skins

    Hey! I'm Banboy and I'm looking for someone that makes some nice custom skins :p If you have anyone in mind who does requests please put them in the comments below! :) I Really want a nice skin with my initials or something on the back or something in that style. I really hope you can help me!
  25. Lezappen

    Made a skin for my friend... (Lezappen)

    Before all, I decided to make a fun skin for my friend @AcidKirby (filming with acidkirby and @Gainfullterror ) What do you guys think?
  26. Ping Ether

    Artwork Skin Stealing?

    You know those sites where you type a Nickname and you get the user's skin, don't you? Well to be honest, I don't quite like how they work. If someone makes a skin is to be unique, different. Then the usual copycat kiddo comes in and steals your work. I am not against publishing skins, but...
  27. Lezappen

    Builds The story behind my skin...

    Part 1 : While journeying between the overworld and the end, the minecraft universe came to a halt, minecraft had crashed... Lezappen now free of the main user's control, was all but stuck between worlds. His body, half numerized, had dissapeared and all that remained was a shadow, his dark...
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