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  1. whither_117

    Resolved CUBECRAFT

    Hola a todos; en esta ocasión quiero dar mi experiencia en cubecraft de una manera objetiva, De cada 5 partidas en una te encuentras a players doing trap, con mods ilegales que te arruinan la experiencia de juego porque no hay igualdad de condiciones de juego, hay gente volando, gente que no se...
  2. Awabbatt

    Implemented Re-enable support for pre 1.16.201

    While most people are on the latest version of minecraft, some people have downgraded for various reasons and it's pretty simple if you know how, but most people don't know about it so in the end most people are on 1.17. recently cubecraft updated to 1.16.201. Why? Its was not needed and...
  3. D

    All Networks New Ban System

    Like The Crossteaming ban Thing is 1 day 1 week 1 month and then BOOM!!! PERM BAN!!! bruh Why Perm for teaming in a match. why not first 1 day then 1 week and then 2 weeks and only 2 or maybe a month and max 2 months. bc for teaming a parm ban is rlly much. but like hacking has to be an perm IP...
  4. A

    Java Add more stuff to the /report command

    I sometimes find some cheaters/rule breakers, but I can't report for badname for example. I suggest adding these: badname (an alias to name) strafes clickaimbot tpaura (Strange, but some bypasses may be found) autosword (Maybe, but it's hard to detect) inventorymove antivoid nofall aimbot...
  5. GHSpaghetti

    All Networks Let all staff and helpers accept reports on discord if they want to

    DISCLAIMER: I am not saying staff should take the word of anyone who messages them on discord, nor do I say staff must do this as a requirement. I want to suggest that any staff or helpers can accept reports over discord, hackers on both java and bedrock are very rampant and because of the...
  6. B

    Bedrock ppl are hacking an here

    I was playing skywars and I played for a while until I noticed lots of people use hacks some like fly hacks or kill aura and its really annoying.
  7. Levi_the_pro

    Java Hackers on 1.8

    Hello, I am Dord and this post is me complaining about hackers on 1.8! I have the feeling there are more hackers on 1.8 than 1.9 in numbers not even in how often you run into them run so you run into these hackers a ton cause 1.8 has like 1/5 of 1.9 its players. I think about once every 3 or 4...
  8. M

    Hacker Problem

    So I have decided to dedicate today to try to Streak up to 100 Kills, My first attempt of streaking I got 98 kills in a row and the a Cheater KillAura+Reach+Bhopped me and I was mad. I then had a break and then came back a little while later, I got my streak back to 70 kills and then there was 2...
  9. MomentoPanaSonic

    how long is the temporary ban for hacks (Bedrock)

    Hi Im new in this forum I have a question How long is temporal ban in bedrock (For hacks) I was banned for hacks (I admit that if I was using them) I was banned by: Dutudy Bedrock Edition My first ban
  10. G

    Video Hacker - Slowmotion

    I made a video (didn't edit it) How hacking looks like in slowmotion! :)
  11. N


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