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friend list

  1. Naitzirch

    Forwarded Right-click to invite friends - Repost

    This is a repost with my old suggestion here: Right-click to invite friends. This is to be in line with the new suggestions system. Haven't changed anything with regard to the original post except for formatting because of the new forums :) Description As it is not always possible to...
  2. Naitzirch

    Escalated Right-click to invite friends

    Description As it is not always possible to autocomplete your friend's name when you invite them to your party, I thought it would be a nice feature to be able to right click their name in your friend list to send them a party invite. Mock-up This would allow you to send party invites to the...
  3. cemre2002

    Java Favorite Friends list

    When you have Obsidian rank and Plus you can get up to 155 friends. I would like to be able to choose a few "favorite" friends. These could be the people I know in real life or just people I play a lot with. These people would stand at the top of the friend list at all times.
  4. TP_Mees

    Java /seen (username)

    Dear CubeCrafters, I've had some trouble lately. As we all know, you can't have an infinitive amount of players in your friend list so you have to choose wisely who you want to keep. This would be much easier if you could see if your friends stille play CubeCraft. Maybe you think: I don't want...
  5. AlexpYT192

    All Networks Friend list idea!

    Español: Hola! Hoy quería sugerir esta idea y pienso que estaría bien dentro de CubeCraft Java/Bedrock. La idea consiste en que cuando tu ponga "/f list" en cualquiera de los 2 servidores y pulses en el nombre de algún amigo desconectado aparezca la ultima vez que entro al servidor, horas/días...
  6. GiraffeLars

    All Networks Spectating friends

    So today I wanted to play with someone who joined my party while he was in-game. So if I joined another game, he would get out of the one he was playing. That’s how I came up with this idea: spectating friends. The command for this would be something like /f spectate [name]. What this basically...
  7. S

    All Networks friend list

    Hello, i got a suggestion for the friend list. i have diamond rank so i can have a lot of friends but most of them i dont play with and are never online so i want to remove them but i have to do it one by one and that takes forever so i thought of an idea what if you could remove all your...
  8. J

    Discord friend notification ?

    Hello ! I had an idea, what if when ever a friend came online a notification of some sort was sent to your discord ? Is this possible ? Thanks.
  9. Milkyy

    Friend List Suggestion

    I have many times when I'm playing minerware alone because, well, I just want to play alone, have some "me time". I'm sure that not everyone wants to constantly have a friend with them. Ever since the update of showing where players are, friends are able to find me, and hop in a game with me...
  10. ISTY.

    Appear online/offline/AFK

    Please make a feature in /f so that you can either appear online, offline, or AFK to your friends.. Pls Cubecraft EDIT: Appearing offline will make it so that your friends cannot message you, and once you do the command maybe /f offline, to your friends it will say <username> logged out...
  11. ShelbyYuki

    Suggestions for Friends List

    Two suggestions that I think would be nice to have in the friends list and when you're playing with friends: - When you type /f list you can see which lobby your online friends are in. If they are in a game then it will say something like "(Username) is currently playing (Game)". This helps...
  12. M

    Where are your friends!?

    My friends are online with the '/friends' list i can see that but i want to know where they are? can you make a thing for that please
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