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  1. Stennos

    Grappling Hook bow glitch(es)

    Hi, i wanted to say that the grappling hook bow has a lot of bugs/glitches. I can understand cause it's a hard mechanic, but still. It often happens that it fails mid-air and you fall down (mostly above the void and then you die), the glitch that nothing happens when you pull the hook. Also when...
  2. T

    Java Battle zone needs an URGENT fix.

    Cubecraft... It's have already been 3 years since battle zone released. It isn't the most popular game and there has been a bug around for a very long time that you wouldn't be able to land properly if you were in a newer version of minecraft, but you didn't do anything to fix this. Since today...
  3. Awabbatt

    Implemented Re-enable support for pre 1.16.201

    While most people are on the latest version of minecraft, some people have downgraded for various reasons and it's pretty simple if you know how, but most people don't know about it so in the end most people are on 1.17. recently cubecraft updated to 1.16.201. Why? Its was not needed and...
  4. kembakugo56

    Bedrock Why cant i discuss my ban?

    I was Banned for lag and my appeal was oddly denied why so I went to discuss typed the needed requirements in but the reply button doesn't work? FYI I was denied by @XiiKa
  5. Aelfwif


    LOL!! PURE SKILLLLLLL IT'S BEEN AN INCREDIBLE JOURNEY!! First and foremost, I need to thank the game developers in advance, For ADDING SUCH BROKEN ITEMS IN THE GAME BC CUBECRAFT LOVESSSS, WHEN PLAYERS WASTE THEIR POINTS AND PLAY MORE ON THE SERVER. Secondly, I need to thank the 200 players I...
  6. G

    Nobody can see my messages?

    For some reason nobody can see my messages, and I got my friend on to check and she didn't see my messages either, she tried messaging and I couldn't see her messages either! But we could see everybody elses! I dont know why this is happening and I never got any warning or anything, I am bedrock...
  7. Almarca

    Golden Apples Eggwars and Speed Eggwars.

    We all know this. Golden apples are the direct opposite of advancement in human achievement. They're not overly expensive, and once acquired by whatever dingbat thinks its a good idea, all hell breaks loose. You all know what happens next. You become blessed by 16 mutually bonded Gods of wrath...
  8. Andyyy

    Fix the terrible Blockwars team balance (repost)

    I just had a terrible game that really pissed me of because of how crap the balancing is. 4v1 every single fight because it was an 8 v 5 and had no good buffs to compensate for it whatsoever so I'm reposting because people don't like bumps Old poll: Yes ( 6 votes ) No ( 0 votes ) Here's the...
  9. KoalaTeen

    Pvp Lobby Parkour Broken

    Hey guys, I broke the parkour in the pvp lobby's. When I use my graplinghook bow to the end off the parkour I flew to it. So I tested what happend if I start the parkour. I actualy finished the parkour without 4 seconds
  10. Jackxist


  11. N

    Does anti-cheat exist?

    Who else see's this, cheaters flying around the map reaching you from miles and ruining your game. Please just make an Anticheat or anything cause this is just dumb at this point.
  12. podcrash09

    Coding Cubecraft Anti-Cheat is broke!

    On eggwars the other day, i went to break someones egg which was covered by obsidian (this was on op mode) i mined the obsidian with the second best diamond pick, however the game kicked me for 'breaking blocks too fast' which i don't understand as i was using no hacks or cheats and was playing...
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