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  1. xSvndro

    Denied #Revert to 1.8

    Hi, my name it´s xSvndro and I think that in this post I am going to speak on behalf of many network users. :cube_light: I believe that Cubecraft version 1.8 has given us many moments of joy. However, the fact that you have updated the network and left the 1.8 players behind seems to me to be a...
  2. pipiklatie

    Video Blockclutch Montage | In Remembrance of 1.8

    Hi fellow gamers, Since i was/am a 1.8 player and was really sad with the closing of 1.8 i wanted to make my final 1.8 video with my best Clutches over the last 6 months! I hope you enjoy!
  3. OhHate


    Hello, how are you all, I have seen the posts on the subject of clans, the truth is that I have a GREAT idea, I do this post to reinforce the idea, obviously I leave the credits of the people who started with this topic (at least the that I believe) I know it has been a while since they came up...
  4. ForWerner

    best record on cubecraft?

    I am a person who scored 500 wins in sw 1.8 java in 10 days. Also, I score 100 wins in 1 day, but I didn't record it. I plan to repeat and score 100 wins every day for a week (I will stream this marathon on my twitch😃). I can answer your questions)) 🙂
  5. ForWerner

    Java projectiles and rod trail

    We know that the server only has a trail for arrows, so I suggest adding trails for projectiles and fishing rods. This is not enough and the game would be more spectacular 🙂
  6. ForWerner

    What is the highest number of wins per day in skywars?

    what is the highest number of wins per day in skywars on java 1.8 pvp? my record is 64 wins in a day (6 hours).
  7. Siriusmart

    1.8 is better prove me wrong

    3 points: 1. Which version takes more skill? 2. Why you think PvPers hate the opposite version? 3. And all other supportive reasons you can think of why 1.9 is better. Prove me wrong
  8. ZeroResistance

    Video lil montage :)

    I was thinking about making a YouTube channel so here we are. I thought lets start of with a nice edit from the past few days hope you guys enjoy :D
  9. J

    Java CREATIVE 1.8 | Minigames 1.8

    Buenas, Voy a hacer un mensaje tanto en español como en inglés debido a que soy Español y pues usaré el traductor en inglés. Hace como 4 años había una modalidad (que creo que actualmente está, pero en versiones superiores a la 1.9 y muy diferente), que todo el mundo jugaba, que era creativo...
  10. pipiklatie

    Speed 3 in 1.8 Duels

    I just played my first copple of games of 1.8 duels and i played nodebuff and saw the speed was speed 3 and this is just one speed level too high you never use speed 3 on Cubecraft ever so why add it to the duels? I'd say get the speed back to speed 2. Kind Regards, pipiklatie
  11. ZeroResistance

    Java achievements / challenges for 1.8 suggestion

    hi everyone, i was thinking about having custom achievements and challenges for 1.8. If you are playing on 1.8 you probably know that you dont have access to all gamemodes. You only have access to Lucky Island, Skywars, EggWars and FFA. But when you open your challenges in 1.8 you still need to...
  12. pipiklatie

    Java 1.8 Beta Eggwars (Wood too OP)

    In 1.8 you can not buy a axe in beta eggwars so when placing wood around your egg is kinda too OP. So make it so we can buy axes in 1.8 or remove wood in 1.8.
  13. Lime

    Java Add Splash Potions of Healing to chests in 1.8

    Hello everyone! Recently, I have been playing more on the 1.8 version of CubeCraft. Unfortunately, there is something that is bothering me a little, which is the regeneration. That's why I came up with this very simple suggestion: Add Splash Potions of Healing to chests on the middle islands in...
  14. juqn

    Java Offline mode

    Imagine you want to play some solo games to do challenges or whatever you want and you don't want to appear as online in the friend list or when inviting to a party.. It would be nice choose appearing offline if you want to. If you don't understand what I'm refering to, it is just like Discord...
  15. juqn

    Java Adding Duels to 1.8

    I know that 1.8 isn't this server's priority, but I think CubeCraft would win more players if duels were added in 1.8. The 1.8 PvP community would start to go to CubeCraft to play some duels. I usually 1v1 my friends after playing a SkyWars game, but I don't like having to go to other server...
  16. juqn

    All Networks /stats "game mode"

    Going to the lobby to see how many wins or kills you have in a game mode it's a little bit maddening. Adding a new /stats command to see your stats in game would be easier for people trying to reach a number of kills or wins. This is what it could be shown: /stats SkyWars ="Player"'s SkyWars...
  17. Levi_the_pro

    Java Hackers on 1.8

    Hello, I am Dord and this post is me complaining about hackers on 1.8! I have the feeling there are more hackers on 1.8 than 1.9 in numbers not even in how often you run into them run so you run into these hackers a ton cause 1.8 has like 1/5 of 1.9 its players. I think about once every 3 or 4...
  18. MeliodasWrath


    I know this is a really controversial topic, but hear me out. Sentinel is not the best anticheat, especially when dealing with 1.8 hackers. Servers such as hypixel and mineplex do much better jobs at their anticheats. Sentinel is not even competent enough to detect flying. If the sentinel can't...
  19. TrayManYy

    Parkour for 1.8.9

    Will the pakour also be available for 1.8 in the future?
  20. pipiklatie

    Video 5000th Solo Skywars win

    To celebrate this milestone i made a video about the last few games till the 5000th win with some epic clutches. I hope you enjoy my video. A new montage is comming soon (teaser in the end of the video of 4 block clutch). Enjoy:https://youtu.be/lH-X5eNum8c
  21. its_Marto03

    Video MY REAL PVP LEVEL (1.8)

    Hi CubeCrafters!! First of all I want to say, days ago I made a pvp video (Parody) and today I tried to make a funny and professional video (with my skills and fails xD) I know I'm not the best but I think that this video will show my real pvp level =) This is the reason why I prefer 1.8 ;/...
  22. L

    Java Suggestion: add duels to 1.8.

    I would really like to play in 1.8 games. After FFA became available in 1.8, I thought it would be a good idea to add duels in 1.8. I think that also attracts some players. So my suggestion is to maybe add duels to version 1.8.
  23. pipiklatie

    Java 1.8 Discord voice Channel

    I am a 1.8 player and go on to the cubecraft discord sometimes to play 1.8 with someone and it might be handy if a voice channel is added for 1.8 players because we always have to say to the people in the call ''are your playing 1.8 or 1.9'' which is inconvenient. Of course the most people play...
  24. GameSharkN64

    Java Block alt accounts and reduce cheaters on the network

    Would it be possible to create a captcha for first time joiners of the server where they need to change their skin OR name once to verify it's not an alt account but a full access minecraft account. For first joining accounts they will get a popup in chat to choose between /changename or...
  25. criolo

    Java Addicted queue / SCARE map (SW)

    I have been playing skywars after Halloween update and i really aprecciate the maps, but when you play 50 games a day and +50% of them was in Scare map, gets annoying. Im suggesting to reduce the probably of this map opens in automatically queue. I know that im VIP and i can change the map if i...
  26. Vqzi

    Escalated Introducing /profile

    Hello, welcome to my thread. My idea was to add /profile with an option to give a player as argument (e.g. /profile CubeCraftGames). What is the function of this command? You can see stats, and other information (points, level etc) of a specific player. Another function of this command is...
  27. Vqzi

    Java /lootpoints, /level, /cubelets

    Hello! Welcome to my suggestion. This isn't a very complicated suggestion, but I thought why not. So my idea was to add these commands: /lootpoints /level /cubelets I don't think that I need to explain the function of these commands, but maybe you want to see how it works? It's just like...
  28. criolo

    Java Sentinel

    The truth is that Sentinel needs so much time to get a player that are using fly, im just seeing people flying around the map and dont getting ban or kick, how is that possible? I think Sentinel needs a upgrade in some things ... Its confuse how "Mr.Sentinel's" works because sometimes im...
  29. criolo

    Java 1.8 still there, dont forget it

    Ok, after 1.9 comes, cubecraft is forgetting the old 1.8 ones, thats why the server number of daily players decreases. I know that the server had to get updated but 1.8 version is, in question of pvp the greatest... In 2015, 2016 the server gets 20.000 - 30.000 1.8 players playing, nowadays the...
  30. XoanGamerYT

    Java Skywars ranked y Eggwars ranked

    Hola, sugiero que en Cubecraft haya Skywars y Eggwars ranked y unranked en la 1.8 y 1.9 para arriba, quizás de esta forma haya más gente en el servidor, pero eso no estoy seguro. A mí me parece buena idea.
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