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We hit 1300 players recently and thought we should share the record with our community, thanks for getting us to these massive numbers.


(Screenshot by Rubik)
Creative has been updated to support 1.7 fully, all new blocks and features can be used now.

We also hope that we fixed the recent plot issues too.
Hello there, I've created an IRC channel for CubeCraftGames, its currently in beta testing because I want to see how many people would actually use it.

The channel is #cubecraft on the FreeNode IRC network (chat.freenode.net/6667).

For the less tech-savy users, there's an easier web-based way of accessing it, you can reach it here.

I am usually online on it, so its likely that I will be there to chat with people :)
As you probably all noticed we recently took survival offline from the network, this is due to to a major re-work done to it, and it will be released soon in the form of a faction server!

Factions with full PvP enabled, re-worked nether system (it now works), major shop update, it now works seamlessly with the cube craft point systems, which will allow you to get items from the points gathered on other server's, as well as when voting for the server...

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