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Sep 18, 2021
Amman, Jordan
Hello people from the Earth!

NOTE: I'm already active here for over an year right now, please don't welcome me, thanks!

You might know me as one of the biggest Java Solo SkyWars sweats/tryhards in CubeCraft history but here I am and I will let you know that I really have a life include of tryharding a block game what I still enjoy to do. I'm born & raised in the Netherlands on May 9th, 2005. So I also have a really Dutchy name, my name is Jop so hi. It's awkard to say that it is my actually real name because no one is using that name in different country's, and imagine my name is different languages. It's harder than you think to try it out. Well, that's the beginning of my introduction, just a Dutchy.


I think my favorite thing to do is playing Minecraft SkyWars ofcourse. I mean, it's the best game, change my mind. I also in to Martial Arts, I really like to do Judo and I really like to watch American Wrestling, I know it's fake but still, some moves are pretty nasty to watch and I just like being theirselves in their character.

I also really like to listen music, if you're wondered what I listen to, here are some artist:

- Post Malone
- Rich Brian
- Juice WRLD
- Kanye West
- Drake

- Pop Smoke
- Polo G
- Travis Scott
- Trippie Redd
- Lil Uzi Vert
- Lil Baby
- Young Thug
- The Kid Laroi

Next thing I really like to do is working at the restaurant, I work there for a couple weeks there because I had to do an intership, I said what really interested me and they found a restaurant where I could do some experience, I'd like to work in a restaurant later, like Manager or as a Chef.

CubeCraft History:

I started playing around 2013-2014, I started to play around that time and I experienced CubeCraft around that time aswell. I remember playing SkyWars with the old items and it was awesome. In 2015 EggWars was released and I was addicted to play it. In 2016 they came up with Solo mode with new maps and I was unstoppable. My best memories there. I was never interested in SkyWars, like I played it aswell but EggWars was the game I was in love in, nowadays I only play with tryhards in private games or tournaments. In 2017 CubeCraft added a new SkyWars update, new items, new maps, everything. EggWars had an update aswell which I didn't like because I love the nostalgia times there so it wasn't for me anymore, it got more and more updates that I'm like, is this needed? I also really loved to play Present Rush when it came out in 2019, I was first for 10 days but my spot was taken by someone and I got 2nd when the seasonal game got removed, sadly but yes. Oke, back to SkyWars, I was never really good until I reached 1000 wins in Summer 2018, in October 2018 CubeCraft had an new update with all the games in 1 lobby what we have in Java right now. New top 200 leaderboards were added. I was 400 wins away from that leaderboard so I made it in April 2019, I wasn't going for the leaderboard anymore but I still played it for fun, I reached 6.000 Wins in October 2020 last year, I just played for fun and I got 4000 wins in 1,5 year. Like, pretty insane that I still played it that much, in December 2020 I was back again, a new fresh start to grind wins in Solo SkyWars, my ultimate goal was 10.000 wins! In April 2021 I did it, I got the 10.000 wins but I was not finished yet and I'm still not finished. Right now I'm going to the Top 5 of Solo SkyWars, it's something what I really want for years but I was never good for it lol. Right now you almost need 20.000 Wins and I'm 6th place with 15.622 Wins, so yeah, that's a lot I still need for 1 place more. I still have a bit of motivation but right now there's a Solo SkyWars map called "Chandelier", I love that map, I already have 150+ wins in it because it's only for 1 month. I also met really cool people in the SkyWars Community, people like Wartin, Kikiblabla, 9259 & NotEyad. Thanks for being out here everytime! Right now I will still go for it!


Thanks for reading the introduction, hope to see you around anytime! 😎
can i go to your location " skywars island " ?
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