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Jul 11, 2023
BlockWars is kinda broken rn bc the block colors are just not working, for example all the planks are normally plan oak, the hotbar isn't saving to the spots i need them to either. hope it fixes soon because i cant really play right when the hotbar dont save to the places im used to

Xi :3

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Oct 25, 2023
block colors are just not working, the hotbar isn't saving to the spots i need them to either.


im pretty sure the problems you listed above got fixed


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Feb 23, 2023
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im pretty sure the problems you listed above got fixed
Only partially.

Now you sometimes receive the wrong colored blocks which only turn into the right color once you attempt to place them or stack them on blocks that are in your teams color.

The problem with that? Whenever I need blocks, I gotta pause and manually stack them in my inventory, because the game (most of the time) will not do it automatically.

There also now is a bug that makes it so sometimes, at the start of a match or shortly after joining an ongoing match you spawn in with oak planks rather than the red or blue ones.

And the hotbar is just irritating, after the update the items on spawn and respawn are all over the place instead of being sorted in some logical order, and for some reason there are arrows in it while a whole stack of extra blocks is just chilling in the inventory.

Basically, what the update did was swap one bug with two others while also inconveniencing the player with the changes to how the hotbar is sorted on spawn.
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