Super craft bros power ups

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by TheLordCthulhu, Dec 1, 2015.

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    Another idea I got lately is this : I think there should be power ups in super craft bros . And there are 2 different ways we could implement this. Hear me out:
    1st way:
    There could be random items spawning on the ground , and whoever finds it , simply gets the power up .
    2nd way: A player could get a random power up for lets say every 2 or 3 kills that he gets. This way the power ups are more based on skill than luck.

    Also here are some of my ideasfor power ups ( can be used for both ways) :
    - Shotgun : A power five bow with only 1 arrow and 1 durability left. so that you can only shoot it once.
    - Fire away! : A redstone torch with knockback V ( or something like that) on it , also only 1 durabilty so that it breaks after 1 hit.
    -Grappling hook: A bow which when you hit a target with it , the target gets pulled towards you. again the same for the durability.. as for all of these power ups...
    - HULK : a splash potion that gives you strenght 2 , and resistance . this potion only lasts for 5 seconds tough.
    -Med kit ( kinda obvious one) : a splash potion of healing 2
    - Medusa's eye: an eye of ender which when you aim it at an enemy and right click , the enemy turns to stone for 5 seconds. ( this just means that he can't move)
    - Ninja mode: a potion which gives you speed 2 for 1 minute ( this doesn't really apply to spider :p )

    Hope you guys like the idea!
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    This seems like it would be pretty fun, I'm sure there would end up being a bunch of cool power-ups. I wouldn't like this to be implemented into the default game. Perhaps there could be a sky wars like system to allow for power-ups to be added in some games, but not in others.