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Mar 28, 2021
Hey there! The name's CosmicLuck.

I don't know what to really say? I guess I can list off things I have done before CubeCraft.

  • Developed for a few different servers including multiple years for a popular server I won't mention. (About 7 years I have been a developer)
  • Was a head admin for the same server as mentioned before.
  • Went to Minecon in 2016 with them!

More personally, i'm 26 years old and am pretty tall at 6'2".
I hate the dark.
You should totally message me, I love talking to people! I also try and help out anyone in need, so if you have a question about anything or just want to talk please don't be afraid to say hi!

Other than that you can catch me online pretty much every day of the week and I am on the discord.

Have a fantastic day and thanks for giving this a read!


Jan 4, 2021
Jujutsu Tech
:o It’s Luck!! We’ve been friends for around a month now and I’m glad that I met you. Such a nice person to talk to! I always see you around in discord or lobby 1, so catching you online is something very easy 😄

Welcome to the forums & hope to see you around more :)
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I forgot to post a quote yesterday, so today I'll post two!

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