Spam/Assasinations suggestion

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Elyktra, Nov 6, 2015.

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    1. Donator spawns for assasination? :3
    2. Auto mute plugin:
    I know you must warn the player 3 times but i think this should only be when they are spamming. Saying bad words is not nice and should be punished instantly. I would recommend if they say swearwords they get an automute of ... minutes. The punishment would double onto a week, then it is a permamute. A tempmute is not appealable.

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    That could cause some confusion. Sometimes I accidentally/unintentionally swear, or the sensitivity of the Anti-Swear is really high. This means that it picks up me saying the word "twat" when I would say something along the lines of "Just watch", because there's a space between the "t" and the "wat". This means that i have to do "Just&7 watch", so it takes away the anti-swear because it resets after I do &7. So for that, I would say -1.

    I agree with this, though.
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