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    It all started here ^. Earlier this week, my survival world progress day 1 thread turned 1 year old, so I thought of something. This world has been dead for quite a while. The most recent progress update post was almost 7 months ago, so I think it's time to bring it back.

    However, I kind of lost interest in that world, so we're gonna start a season 2. I found a similar seed with a giant island I'm going to split up in multiple districts. In S1 I used the Hermitcraft S6 seed, now I'm using one I found using MineAtlas. The island is probably even bigger than the last one so be prepared xD. Here it is:

    The cool part about this seed is, not only the large island I've been searching for for a while, but it has a mushroom island right on the left side of the island. It's fairly large too! As you can see there are a few districts that are not on the island, but let's go over all the districts!

    Districts that are returning from Season 1!

    -Medieval District
    One of the most popular build styles so there's not explanation needed for why this is on the island! Planning this to be the district I start in first.

    -Fantasy District
    This district is mainly going to be fantasy-style builds. I never got to start in that district last season so I hope that I will this season.

    -Modern District
    Again, one of the most popular build styles, definately has a spot on the map.

    -Futuristic District
    Flying roads, large skyscrapers towering above the clouds.. Can't wait to start building here!

    -Industrial District
    Probably the district I built in the most last season. All the farms and technical stuffs go here.

    -Ocean District
    Although there isn't really an ocean district officially mentioned on the map, I'll be living on an island, where there's water all around me. To leave all that water untouched, would honestly be a crime :p

    New Districts

    -Steampunk District
    I have 0 experience with building in a steampunk style.. Which is why I added it on the map. I don't know what to ecpext from myself, but we'll see.

    -Moon District
    Might be a bit of a confusing one, but this will kind of covered in Endstone and I will build stuff like rockets and moon bases. Unless I think of something really cool, this will probably a form-over-function district.

    -Vulcanic District
    Dead trees, lava streaming everywhere, creepy castles, yes....

    -Japanese District
    Inspired by BDoubleO's singleplayer series, I'd like to start working here. 0 experience with the buildstyle tho xD

    -Swamp District
    It doesn't show it on the map, but there's a witch hut there so maybe in the far future I could build a witch farm. To fill up the other space, I'll be making some swamp-based builds and stuff

    -Tropical Island
    Explains itself, not much to say about this one.

    Unknown Districts

    -Mushroom Island
    Not sure what I'm going to do there yet, but it could come to good use since hostile mobs don't spawn in that biome.

    Mining Districts

    -Mesa's and deserts are both a few thousand blocks way, but with blue ice, boats and nether that won't be a very big problem. For gravel I don't know yet, there's plenty of other mountain biomes nearby.

    Important note: I'm probably NOT going to post it on this site but probably somewhere on reddit or somewhere else idk exactly yet, but you guys will know.

    I'll indeed be using datapacks again like last season. Here's a quick list:
    -No Creeper Grief
    -No Enderman Grief
    -No Ghast Grief
    -Coordinates above hotbar
    -Count mob deaths (not sure what that did anymore xD)
    -Customizable Armorstands
    -Every shulker drops 2 shells
    -Enderdragon drops elytra
    -Durability Ping (Think that has to do with tools)
    -Larger Phantoms (The longer you don't sleep the larger the phantoms get)
    -More mob heads (Every mob has a chance of dropping it's head)
    -Pillagers disabled
    -Player Graves (If you die a grave with your items will spawn on your death location)
    -Silence Mobs (You can name a mob 'silence me' and it won't make noises anymore.

    I don't know if I'm going to share the seed yet cause I don't want people spoiling things for me.

    Anyways, that's it for now. I still need to set some stuff up before I can actually start survivaling but you guys will hear more soon.
  2. Kozi

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    Can't wait to see your update-screenshots! Good luck and, well, have fun!
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  3. komododragon 2002

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    Can I also silence @Ruisdier ? It keeps making annoying noises.

    On topic, I never heard about this before, but it seems really solid. It reminds me of the Kingdom back in the day. I only feel like you could maybe change the name of Japanese to Oriental, since it might trigger @Dai_Matsumoto (dwa). Glad you’re still working on this project after a year!
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  4. Riley

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    I'm an active user of these kinds of datapacks myself, but some of these are unfair and game-changing (in a bad way).

    The 'Enderdragon drops elytra' one is a must-have on large servers, but not on your single player world.

    Pillagers disabled.. Completely your choice but why would you disable 1.14's most exciting feature?!

    And player graves, also incredibly unfair: I'm assuming this means your items get put in some sort of chest and hence, won't despawn?

    It's obviously completely up to you, it's your world, but as a survival player myself, I wanted to give my opinion on this