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Team CubeCraft
Team CubeCraft
Apr 4, 2017
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Hello everyone,

Content Warning: This post contains subjects about extortion, doxing and adult conversations.

Online safety is essential to CubeCraft. Our games and community should be a welcoming and safe place for players and our team members.

We want to address directly the entirely false and unfounded allegations made against an admin, Michael, who was held to ransom and then defamed (had deliberate lies spread about them).

Our team members commonly receive threats and abuse and are regularly targeted for digital crimes. The team gets specific guidance and support on staying safe online and responding and reporting any incidents.

Robust procedures and policies are in place to deal with online safety incidents for players and team members. There are paid members of the team with a specific remit for community safety.

Many of you will know Michael by their online name of Hazard. They look after our customer support and partner management and often interact with our community on Discord and the forums.

“Doxing” is when someone collects as much identity, sensitive and private information about you as possible and then publishes it online as a “Dox”. It is a form of harassment and is often used as a threat, an act of revenge, or to extort money.

A user attempted to extort Hazard in mid-November 2021 after building up an extensive Dox containing personal, financial, and private DM conversations. They demanded money in return for not sharing the Dox. The Dox was not in the original message; Hazard reacted appropriately and reported this internally. No one paid the ransom.

The Dox released publicly on the 27th of December - containing sensitive personal and financial information and private DMs. Central to the Dox was an allegation that the private conversations between Hazard and the user “Autumn Foxy” were inappropriate. The DMs contained adult themes and material, and the Dox alleged the user was underage.

The Dox got reported to us directly by Hazard and by community members through our player safety process. Independent members of the admin team always review severe allegations like this. Given the prior extortion attempt and the grave nature of the allegations, we started a formal investigation into the situation, led by two directors of the company that runs CubeCraft (Ziax).

All allegations against Hazard were untrue. The investigatory process focused on fact-finding and spoke directly to Hazard, Autumn Foxy, and other relevant people about the situation. Autumn Foxy is well over 18; conversations between them and Hazard were between consenting adults and private.

Typically, we would not comment publicly on stuff like this. However, we know that the Dox and these false allegations are spreading. We want to provide a clear message to our community that we have addressed this and try to bring closure to this horrific invasion of privacy.

Hazard has had their private, non-CubeCraft, life ripped into the open through no fault of their own. Malicious accusations were made against them that spread without fact-checking or consideration for the impact on individuals’ lives. Hazard has always been caring and enthusiastic in their role and for CubeCraft and the community. Understandably this has been incredibly distressing for Hazard and has had a severe impact on their mental health. They are currently taking a fully paid leave of absence.

Our team will be by Hazard’s side to help them through this challenging time. We appreciate all the individuals who have already reached out to lend their support. We would also like to thank Autumn Foxy for their cooperation in the process.

A police investigation into the extortion and doxing of Hazard at both a local force and national agency level is now ongoing. CubeCraft will work with and support the police in their investigations.

Some content creators have chosen to pick up this story and make videos about it: we welcome scrutiny and critique from our creator community. Still, we expect them to be responsible for their audience and perform due diligence on any “exposé” or reporting piece. Where videos contain false facts, sensitive and private information regarding Michael or Autumn, or defame CubeCraft, we expect Creators to remove these videos and post corrections.

As part of our response to this incident, we have engaged a law firm to write to media platforms, including YouTube and Gyazo, to remove anything which contains unlawful content.

Going forwards, please respect the privacy of both Hazard and Autumn Foxy. Both want to put this behind them and move on. Hazard is looking forward to returning to work soon and continuing their role with us.

Finally, a reminder to everyone: whilst participating in online communities, you must take steps to ensure your safety. Find out more about staying safe online here.
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