Quakecraft (And arcade in general) Needs some updates.

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by FalseHonesty, Apr 3, 2016.


Is this a good idea?

  1. Yes! I agree with all of it!

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  2. I agree with only the quakecraft ideas.

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  3. I agree with only the spleef ideas.

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  4. I agree only with adding new maps.

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  5. No, Its all bad!

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    So, I'm a huge fan of Cubecraft's Arcade section, however, it needs some new releases. Quakecraft is the biggest for me, as I play it the most. I was thinking of adding a new map or two, maybe a maze type of map? Also, could we have the cooldown timer for shooting again displayed somewhere such as the EXP bar? Finally I would love the Arcade shop to include Quakecraft customization, for things such as different Railgun skins, kits/abilities, and more. The next thing ties in with my last point. The Arcade shop is severely lacking in point purchasable items. Maybe new skins for Spleef shovels and 1v1's in spleef (@Camezonda for that idea :D)? Also, maybe different armors for all the minigames? Also, most of the minigames need map updates. This other thread brings up these ideas as well: https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/arcade-spleef.98836/#post-461410

    Thank you ~Tawas