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Nov 21, 2015
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~ProfessorRaptor's Guide to EggWars~
Greetings all!

With the COVID-19 self-quarantines perhaps single-handedly saving Cubecraft's player count, I thought I would put together this guide for you. My intent is to help both new players learn the basics of EggWars, as well as to update returning players on the present metagame.

First Off, the Basics:

Whether in Solo or Team mode, a player's primary objective is to break enemy Eggs and eliminate other teams—in short: to be the last player/team standing. In order to successfully attain this victory, players must balance aggressive PvP, Egg defense, and resource collection.
In Teams mode, players can still gain credit for wining the game after being eliminated if one of their teammates survives to win in the end.
In EggWars, there are three different game types:
As well as four health options:

Half Health.png
Normal Health.png
Double Health.png
Triple Health.png

(Most commonly, games are played in Overpowered Half or Normal Normal).
If players desire to have a vote for the game type, they will need to purchase at least
Gold Rank from the Official Store. Players will only need Lapiz Rank to vote for health options.

When the game begins, players spawn on islands over the void. These islands contain:
- A Dragon Egg, which (while unbroken) provides infinite respawn.
- A Villager Shopkeeper
2019-06-23_19.24.55 (2).png
- Iron, Gold, and Diamond Token Generators for trading with the Shopkeeper.
Iron Generator.png....................Gold Generator.png....................Diamond Generator.png
These Tokens are why the game also used to be known as MoneyWars on Youtube.
In addition to the player spawn islands, there is a central, larger island (or islands) on the map where the most valuable token Generators are located.
Game Types:
1) Normal
This is the original style of EggWars. Weapons and Armor from the Shopkeeper are unenchanted, and prices for other basic items require effort to be expended if players want to survive outside their base for long. In general, players are pretty squishy and fights are shorter in comparison to the Overpowered game type. Iron Armor is a must for controlling the middle island(s) or laying siege to other bases.

2) Overpowered

- This is the game type generally preferred by ranked players and tryhards. Items from the shopkeeper are cheaper than in Normal mode, Armor pieces are enchanted with Protection IV, and Weapons have differing levels of Sharpness. Because of this, players wearing Armor are much harder to kill: when players spawn or respawn, they should put on Armor as soon as possible!
Shop items additionally available in Overpowered: Diamond Armor, Power V Bows, Efficiency VIII Pickaxes, Sharpness V Swords, and Sharpness II Axes.
For beginner players, it is unwise to buy Iron or Diamond Armor until their home Diamond Generator has been upgraded to level 3 and they can afford the previous level of Armor. For example, players should not sit on the Diamond Generator without at least wearing Leather Armor, and wait to purchase Diamond Armor until the player's entire team is already equipped with full Iron Armor. (Concept further expanded upon in the Teamwork Section
3) Hardcore
This is the most difficult and rarely-played game type. There is no natural health regeneration, Armor and Weapons are unenchanted, and the prices for all items in the shop are extremely high.
Example: Cost of 1 Steak
Overpowered: 1 Iron.......... Normal: 5 Iron.......... Hardcore: 15 Iron

Because of these high costs, it is vital to upgrade
all Generators on the starting island to the maximum level. Without natural health regeneration, golden apples and respawning are the only methods players have to regain any of their lost health. In Hardcore, defending the Egg is more important than ever.
Shop items not available in Hardcore mode: Notch Apples, enchanted Bows.
Generators and Trading:

Each starting Island will always have at least one working Iron Generator and usually one Gold Generator. Larger maps will have more Generators of each type, or even ones of higher level. Upgrading a Generator by interacting with the GUI will allow the Generator to produce its designated resource faster. Some spawn islands will contain Diamond Generators, but those will always start out broken and must be turned on with five Diamonds obtained from the middle island(s).
  • Iron is the most versatile early game resource: with it players can purchase basic Armor, Weapons, and Pickaxes—as well as food and blocks.
  • Gold buys golden apples, obsidian, arrows, TNT, and upgraded Armor, Weapons, and Pickaxes.
  • Diamonds are the end game resource and are used for powerful items like Iron Armor, Diamond Swords, Bows, Notch Apples, or even max-upgrading Diamond and Gold Generators.
  • Emeralds are the rarest resource with the slowest Generator. They can be traded for ridiculously overpowered armor and weapons, as well as semi-useless gimmicks that fit the map's theme. Emerald generators are only available on Western, Under da Sea, Tropical, Mushrooms, and Mine.
Kits and Abilities Upgrades:
After playing several games, players may have earned points from wins, kills, or breaking Eggs. These points can be spent on Kits and Abilities Upgrades in the main lobby--just open the Shop interface by using the book in your hotbar.

Kits are received by players at the beginning of the game, after the first respawn, and then every 2 minutes if the player respawns again. Kits here are sorted into Heck Yeah, Situational, and Just No.

Kits 1.png

Perks that are always active. Here they are listed in order of how likely they are to impact a player's game.

    • Featherweight--Chance to decrease fall damage by 50%. Upgrade the heck out of this.
    • Magic TouchChance for blocks to drop when broken with the appropriate tool. Useful for getting out of situations where players don't have enough blocks. Players can just use a Pickaxe to break blocks around themselves until they have enough to escape.
      Pickaxes enable greater mobility due to the Magic Touch perk in addition to their usual Egg-breaking application—keep one with you as often as possible
    • EggcrackerChance to gain a burst of speed after breaking an enemy Egg. Use it to chase down those who flee before you! Seriously fun.
    • Iron Belly-- Chance to “restore more hunger when eating”. Unsure of any tactical applications. Please leave a comment.
Now for Teamwork:

Teamwork is vital in EggWars: players live or die by their team's ability to gang up together on stronger enemies. If one player keeps all the resources to themselves—not contributing to Generator upgrades, placing obsidian, or protecting their teammates—that player decreases their team's collective ability to defeat enemies or defend the Egg. And without their Egg or team, any player is much more likely to lose the game.

This extends from noobs to tryhards. Even players that can regularly succeed in 1v5s can still be brought down by circumstance or underestimating their opponents. In particular, with the increase of skilled players returning to the server, good teamwork can actually affect the outcome of a game.
In the most successful teams, each player takes on separate tasks at the beginning of the round. Important tasks include: buying/placing obsidian, upgrading the home Generators, building to middle, protecting the builder and securing their ability to return to the base with resources, defending the middle territory so other teams cannot obtain resources, and rushing enemy teams' islands. Different maps have different numbers of players on each team, so allocate tasks wisely.
A player's PvP abilities can affect what tasks they take on, but remember to make sure the same player is not being forced to deal with the obsidian every single round—monotony is boring and gaming is meant to be fun, yes?
Examples of Teamwork:
1) Communication – Whether the team is composed of newer players or tryhards, communication is key. It can be the difference between a well-organized defense and one that results in a team wipe. Or between a coordinated attack and a bumbling failure. Check if the team shares a language and work from there.
2) Obsidian – In Overpowered, the first person to collect Gold from the Gold Generator has a responsibility to buy the first layer of obsidian for the team. Competent rushers will break the Egg if obsidian is not placed quickly.
Don't waste obsidian by putting it on the ground if the Egg is up on a colored wool pedestal. Place the obsidian directly on the Egg by shift-clicking.
3) Diamonds/Upgrading – When a player first returns to the spawn island from middle, they should use at least 5 Diamonds to turn on the home Diamond Generator. Unless the island is under seige, prioritize upgrading the Generator rather than using the resources to buy excessive Armor or Weapons. More teammates can be geared up faster if the Generator is of higher level.
4) Diamond Armor – Diamonds are the currency by which to purchase almost every useful late-game item—from extra sets of Iron Armor to Bows to even Notch Apples. In Overpowered mode, using Diamonds to buy expensive Diamond Armor takes away from the rest of the team's ability to gear up at the same pace (keep in mind the importance of teamwork!).

The total cost of a single set of Diamond Armor is two stacks of Diamonds—128 Diamonds in total. These resources could instead buy:

A) 6 sets of Iron Armor to be shared among the team (20 Diamonds per set)
B) 5 OP Bows, or Efficiency VI Pickaxes (25 Diamonds each)
C) A combination of 2 sets of Iron Armor (40), 2 Bows (50), and 2 Diamond Swords (24). Thus, two stacks of Diamonds is enough resources for two teammates to gear up and be fully ready to fight, instead of just one player's single set of Diamond Armor.
The Differences Between EggWars and Bedwars:

Although EggWars and Bedwars share certain similarities—such as a breakable respawn to protect—there are several key differences that can drastically affect gameplay.

1) When spawning or respawning, players start with nothing except their chosen kit. Because of this,
do not void to defend the Egg: a player's acquired gear and physical position are more important, and players with nothing are far easier for invading players to eliminate.
2) Also concerning spawning or respawning: unlike Bedwars, EggWars maps are designed without intent to protect a player's ability to access their Generators or Villager after respawning. In short, it is fairly easy for any player to spawn-trap other teams. Kits can help with this issue, but are not infallible. Players should be swift in their efforts to reacquire gear.
Spawn-trapping for the purposes of trolling or kill-farming is strictly forbidden. Please see the Official Rules for further details.
3) There are no team upgrades. All resources are for personal gear or upgrading Generators, and all purchases are temporary as everything in a player's inventory is wiped upon death. On a similar note, enemies do not drop resources either, and there is no Ender Chest or Team Chest.
4) The EggWars shopkeeper does not feature a preferred items section of the shop, but players can manipulate how to exchange tokens in the shop's settings. I heartily encourage new players to take a minute or two at the start to familiarize themselves with the available wares and their cost.
5) The Egg breaks instantly—it's a Dragon Egg, not a bed.
6) TNT only affects enemy players. As such, all TNT-jumping attempts will be met with a trip to the void. (Looking at you, @gamerboy80).

Okay, I'm in a Game. Now what?

This will depend largely on whether you are playing Teams or Solos. The following are example starting strategies:

1) Go to the Iron Generator(s). If the Generator is level 1, use 20 Iron to upgrade it. Stay until you have about 20-25 Iron. At the shopkeeper, buy 1 set of Leather Armor, a Weapon, a Pickaxe (if the game type is Overpowered), 2-4 pieces of food, and blocks with the rest of your Iron.
You can shift-click a single stackable item in the shop GUI to auto-buy as much of that item as the rest of your resources will allow. Exception: cake. Players will auto-buy all of the cake.
2) If no other teammate has begun bridging to the middle, begin doing so. Being able to fast-bridge will give you a huge advantage.
3) Gather resources from mid. If there are enemies around, try to avoid them as you continue collecting resources. If you are good at PvP—or want to grow that skill—you can try to defend the middle Generators so that your team can collect more resources without interference.
4) Return to base and upgrade the home Diamond Generator as much as possible with your mid resources. If you do not have enough Diamonds to fully upgrade to level 3, but want to go back to middle again or rush a base, you have a choice: either use any leftover Diamonds for your own gear, or leave them next to the Generator for the next upgrade. Shop for whatever gear you need, then head out again. Go forth and slay your enemies.

Largely the same, except you are responsible for all tasks, rather than being able to share them among your team:
1) Go to your Iron Generator, but ignore the upgrade. Stay until you have 20-25 Iron and shop as usual. If you are on a map where the start islands are close together, prioritize rushing the other islands. If the islands are far apart, build to middle and gather resources.
2) If you are confident in your PvP abilities, only ever upgrade your start island Iron and Gold Generators to level 2 after you return from mid. Once that is done, use all your middle resources to buy better gear. Go forth and slay your enemies.

3) Alternatively, if you are less confident about your PvP abilities (and are therefore more likely to die), upgrade your home Diamond and Gold Generators, but do not camp. Use your island Generators to help you recover from respawning, but not as your only source of Tokens. Continue going to mid and rushing other islands, increasing your gear as you go. One cannot grow their PvP skills if they only cower and camp. Go forth and slay your enemies!

And Finally, Some Additional Metagame Notes for Returning Players:
When it Comes to PvP:
  • It's all about Armor—got Armor? Yes? Okay, go get some more.
  • Bows are still commonly used, but due to resource control evolving into a large part of the current metagame, Bows exist mostly in the hands of the more-skilled players.
  • Speaking of tryhards with Bows—yeah they actually use them now...my bad.
  • Rushed Efficiency VI (25 Diamonds) Pickaxes are a useful tool in Overpowered for difficult early game Egg breaks.
  • Because of this strategy, oftentimes one layer of obsidian isn't enough after the first few minutes of gameplay have passed.
  • Keep the Egg clear of all blocks other than obsidian or glass: the harder it is to see any potential invaders, the harder it is to defend against them.
Special thanks to Dragan_DallZ and GunnarHorve for assistance in the first version's editing process, and to SweetLH for giving me so much grief over writing this thing. :) Please leave a comment if I missed anything important. I sincerely wish everybody good health and safety during these uncertain times.

Edit: THANK YOU guys for all the support! <3 If you would like to see me make an in-depth strategy guide, please let me know in the comments below! :)
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Nov 21, 2015
thank you Mesbar and Passer. The support makes it feel like the effort was worth it!
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Nov 13, 2017
Dog's Land
This post seems incredible to me, that organization is really incredible, it shows a lot that you like that gamemode and that you control a lot, the only thing is that I do not agree with you in the part that the op is for tryhards, yes , there will be people who become full diamond and will stay on the island all their lives, but other people (like me) who prefer the OP because he hates having to eat carrots every 2 minutes if he wants to rush other people and because I prefer doing intense pvp's
Good post =)
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Sep 10, 2018
Mango tree
Nice guide! Btw the rabbit kit is amazing for getting the egg fast you can jump over players and go up high fast so you cant get hit off i mostly use this kit in mansion if it is a hard game.
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Mar 17, 2017
You make work on this, really nice to read.
And for new players that are new a little more information about the game mode.
Nicely done :)
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Nov 21, 2015
Nice guide! Btw the rabbit kit is amazing for getting the egg fast you can jump over players and go up high fast so you cant get hit off i mostly use this kit in mansion if it is a hard game.

That's cool! I don't play Mansion very much. I'll keep that strat in mind next time I'm on that map. :)


Mar 19, 2020
This is really cool, since im a bedrock player I don't know half of the things on here, but this inspired me to make a BedRock version (if it's ok with you).
Nov 21, 2015
This is really cool, since im a bedrock player I don't know half of the things on here, but this inspired me to make a BedRock version (if it's ok with you).
That's a fantastic idea :) As long as you credit me for the inspiration and don't copy my exact formatting or words, that would be an awesome addition to the guide section of the forums. (aka as long as you don't plagiarize--it's rude)
Nov 21, 2015
How about you add a point under pvp please.

If you're suck at pvp then you wont win.
Actually, the fact that I have been successful at EggWars for so long is evidence to the exact opposite. :) I'm terrible at pvp but still win consistently often on my own because I play using strategy and not just testosterone. Would you like to see an advanced strategy guide so you can learn to do the same?
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