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Aug 29, 2019
Hi, I am a bit disappointed about the way player safety reports are handled and taken care of. Multiple reports have been made recently (almost 3 weeks ago) regarding a single topic and supplying sufficient evidence.
To this day, I'm not aware of any action being taken against the people involved which should not be the case.

I’m not trying to cause drama in any way here. I just think that the more time each report takes the more time is given to the person being reported to cause more damage to the victim and also puts everyone involved into insecurity and danger.

My suggestion is fairly simple, I am asking the admin team to take these kinds of reports more seriously and handle them accordingly. If the person in charge is not able to handle the report because they are dealing with other things (such as irl things, which is completely understandable) then I think another admin should take over temporarily. If the report is not being handled because of another reason, then I think that the reporter/people involved should be notified, because otherwise people will just think that their reports are being ignored. Thanks :)


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Jun 26, 2016
Hey @Spoon,
We are sorry to hear that you are disappointed by the way reports are handled. We can assure you that we work diligently to get reports handled in a timely fashion. However, a lot of things occur backend in order for these reports to be handled efficiently and fairly. While it can take some time to be finalized, each report is taken very seriously, as it does involve the safety of our community.

Please know that we have to ensure all of the evidence is in fact sufficient, that it is all acceptable evidence - as some things may be disqualified from being acceptable or be missing certain aspects that we need to request more info on. If all (or most) of the evidence is able to be used, then we get opinions from more Admins. The reason for this is because these are serious incidents and one person should not make a decision to network ban a user (or users) - in case it is the wrong call. This can take some time to get opinions (due to holidays, weekends, etc.), but they are important to ensure the best decision is made.

We do our best to handle them in a timely fashion. Some reports can take a bit longer than others depending on what is being reported - as every report is usually on something quite serious and if it were to be false it could affect the user reported in a negative way as well. We have to be sure we are handling each piece of evidence and each report in a careful manner, but we can assure you that even if it can take a bit longer to sort through, they are not being ignored or treated in a frivolous manner.
Something that can affect the time is definitely weekends, so when looking at the report and seeing 2 weeks, you will have to subtract weekends as not all of the team works on the weekends and this can put a slight delay on the time by which it takes to get handled.

We are once again sorry that you have been frustrated or felt that we do not take these reports seriously due to the time it can take to handle them. It is not our intent to have users feel this way when it comes to these reports. However, we do have to take some time to sort through and watch all of the evidence, as well as get extra insight from other Admins, so that we are sure we are making the right decision.
Hopefully, this clears up some of the confusion/concerns when it comes to the reports.
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