People Think I Hack

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Do You think I Hack

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  1. Fanatical YT Gamer

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    Hello, CubecraftGames, I'd like to address something that I think all of you have done or have seen. People calling other players that they have hacks. Now I've recently got tons upon tons of messages in chat saying I hack. And I'm beginning to think that people report me and record me. They might post it on the forums and staff would see it, but my main worry is that I might be very good PvP player to the point that staff might think I hack. Now I know this is a silly post about this, but when I play games, I do not record the games I Play and ultimately might get banned and appeal with no evidence. Now I have some screenshots whilst I was taking on a team of two, one with full iron armour with a diamond sword, and the other with leather hat, chainmail chest plate, diamond leggings, and leather boots. Only the messages they sent to chat.

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    Don't worry, be happy and ignore the hackusators ;)

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