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Apr 13, 2020
Toronto, Ontario.
Party Games Concept 🎉
Suggestion by: Dreamy (Dreamyy#0900)

1. Introduction:
Hello and welcome, fellow CubeCraft members, to a suggestion I’ve been wanting to make in over the past few weeks but just haven’t had the motivation and time to do so. I know I can relate to many who would like to just play together with their friends and not against random opponents in a game of Eggwars for instance, however, they are unable to because there just aren’t any maps exclusive to just four or fewer players. That’s where the Party Games system comes into play! It gives players in parties of up to 4 people the ability to play with each other on a diverse set of fun and unique games! Some of these games include Eggwars, Skywars, and Lucky Islands! All very popular games which can be enjoyed by players competing against each other. A full list of games included will be found later in this thread, so stay tuned! The general purpose of this concept and what it attempts to achieve is as follows: to allow both casual and competitive players to have a blast when playing together with their friends!

2. Why I’m suggesting this idea:
I’ve found myself in many solo Eggwars games eliminating everybody in the lobby aside from my friends so we can play a fair game against each other. Many players; myself included, really want to enjoy the unique mechanics of a Lucky Islands or Eggwars game against their own friends as the skill level would relatively be similar in most cases and it would really allow competitive players to maximize their skill along with consistently improving their tactics. Although the CubeCraft Java player-base is substantially low in comparison to the Bedrock version, this is a concept which I’m almost sure would be used by many players all the time! It’s not an experimental single game which some would like and dislike; rather a collection of unique games loved by the community scaled down to be played with smaller quantities of players; allowing a diverse set of playstyles to be made and toyed around with. With these reasons in mind, now you know and understand why I’m suggesting this concept and I hope it’s really taken into account by the CubeCraft staff. It’s a feature which many would use; despite the low player-count. A feature that lets friends play against each other on their favourite games! Below is where you will find an in-depth explanation of how each and every aspect of this game mode will work!

3. How it works:
The party games concept would show up as a selectable game in the lobby, however, if tried to be used whilst not in a party or not the party owner, the player would receive one of three messages: “You cannot play this game currently as you’re not in a party!”, “Only the party owner is able to use this action!” or “Sorry! Your party is too big to play!” The maximum size of a party which could utilize this game would depend on what CubeCraft and the community finds the most reasonable, however, for now, I’ll be going with 4. Hence, only you and up to three other players would be able to compete against each other with this game mode. The reason why the player count is only up to four and not something bigger like eight is because if players were in a party of six to eight, they can simply join an eight-player map such as Tentacles (on egg wars) and wipe out the random players in a matter of seconds. With the max player count out of the way, here’s an image of how the game selection in the Party games menu should look:

As you can see, there is a random option that randomly chooses from the games in the selection. This mode can be customized to do only certain games; for example, A player can have it set to only select Skywars, Eggwars, and Lucky Islands, while another player can alter it so it’s only able to select Parkour Racing, Lucky Islands, and Tower Defense. Once a game is chosen, the players are teleported into the game and prepare to play! Although you require a rank to vote in most, if not all games on CubeCraft, on Party games, everyone can vote for the health modifier, difficulty, item types, you name it! If it’s a voting option in the main game, it’s free on Party games since it’s only with your friends in a party. However, to keep things fair for those who purchased a rank, say, to unlock the item type voting option on Eggwars, players who have a voting option unlocked in the main game get their votes to count as two instead of a single vote. This means, a player with Iron rank will be able to vote for the projectile type on Skywars in Party games, however, their vote will only count as one while a player with gold rank who has the projectiles voting option unlocked in the main game will have their vote count as two instead of one. Plus’ double votes feature wouldn’t apply to the Party games voting system. A big feature of Party games would be the implementation of custom kits! The way it would work would be similar to how voting for projectiles work on Skywars. Once the timer reaches 10 seconds, the votes are locked. The same idea applies here, but this time it’s a tad bit different. Players can vote whether they should use a custom kit or allow players to choose through the default options. If the vote passes and the usage of custom kits is forced, the Party owner would have to choose which kit would be used. This option would appear for the Party owner:

By clicking this, they would be greeted by this menu to select which kit shall be used:

It’s simply a list of each party member. By clicking on their head, they will be redirected to the kits which that member has created:

Once a custom kit is selected, all players will be forced to use that kit. If the votes didn’t pass and the default kits option was selected, players would have to choose between the different default options from the original game. This custom kits option only applies to games with kits such as Skywars, Eggwars, and Lucky Islands. When a game ends; for example, Skywars. If the random game mode was selected, players will get to vote on what the next game mode should be. If the votes are tied, it will pick a random game mode from among the selection. If nobody votes at all, the game chooses a random game mode, excluding the game which was just played. Excluding the game mode which was just played is something many may not agree with, so it’s fine if that feature particularly wasn’t implemented.

4. Rank Benefits (Unique and not the doubled vote system mentioned earlier):
Iron Rank - Able to select maps + Able to create up to 2 custom kits.
Gold Rank - Able to create up to 3 custom kits.
Emerald - Able to create up to 4 custom kits.
Obsidian - Able to create up to 5 custom kits.
Plus Rank - Double votes when voting for the next game (On the random mode)

5. Conclusion
Overall, this is an idea that I’ve been thinking of for a while. I really want to hear everyone's thoughts on it; good or bad. I’ll be sure to respond and hopefully, I can change your opinion (if it’s negative of course). From allowing friends to compete against each other on their favourite game modes to giving players the freedom to create their own custom kits in games such as Eggwars or Lucky Islands, this game concept is meant to create a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone! Even though CubeCraft has a low player-base; it’s an idea that would still be used, as it’s not one single game, but a collection of many! Thanks for taking the time to read this long suggestion and have a nice day!

Dreamy | Dreamspqce


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Jun 29, 2019
I like the idea but I'd like to suggest some changes to it.
1. I think this could be a feature in the exiting game instead of being a separate game. For instance when clicking on EggWars you could choose Solo, Team and "Party" where you could join the game with you party only.
2. I don't see a reason why it would be for "up to 4 players", this should be available even if you party is larger in my opinion.
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May 30, 2020
I hate how these long threads that people put tons of work into barely get looked at but tiny, few sentence threads gets replied to by developers or admins.
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