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New Minigame: Nebula!

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Oct 31, 2013
I dunno, why you ask?
Hello guys! Cheetos over here! I'm showing you a minigame idea: Nebula! This minigame is from MCZone.

1. Two teams must compete, like capturing a "Flag" and place it on your base without being killed, which team does the most kills, defend "monuments" by breaking an obsidian block with a diamond pickaxe, etc.
2. While building the maps, there will be resource blocks (like iron, gold and diamond) blocks in the base and valuable items at the middle of the two bases.
3. The players will have colored nametag and a dyed leather tunic for identifying enemy. (There's no team damage)
4. Spleefing is not allowed.
5. The scenary will be on floating islands.
6. Sometimes, the monument is too high for jumping and there's no parkour way. The players will have blocks for building bridges and stairs to reach the monuments.
7. Crafting is allowed.
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