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Feb 7, 2024
a parallel universe
My favourite game is lucky blocks, so this thread (idk what it is called) is all about what can be added/improved in lucky blocks (my opinion)

1.Add more lucky block gamemodes
I like all the gamemodes of lucky blocks (duos, solo and teams of 4). But, it would be really nice if you add teams of 2, like skywars and eggwars :D

2.Lucky blocks items/drops
I love all the items that were added. The best one added was the trident. Can you add another weapon in normal/overpowered lucky blocks? I have an idea. What about super pickaxe? It's kind of like god axe, but it may have different enchantments (it is a diamond pickaxe). Although this is only a suggestion, there is no need to add this, if there are already a lot of weapons.

3.The most important one- Adding opening effects
I love all the lucky blocks added- normal, food, blocks, diamond and rainbow. I love the rainbow ones, they are very overpowered. But, I loved the old opening effects. If cubecraft can't add those effects, can you please add any other opening effects??

Even if these things aren't added, lucky blocks would still stay my favorite game. Again, these are only suggestions, and maybe there's no need to add it. I still like it the way it is
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