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Do y'all like these fishing changes?

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Jun 17, 2022
Minecraft Java
Hello Cubecraft! Recently, while doing the fishing quests on my Skyblock island, I noticed that the only things that are catchable are the average fish in Minecraft ( puffer, cod, salmon, and Nemo. ). I thought it might be cool if a change were introduced for fishing. Maybe, when fishing, it could be possible to obtain certain items that would increase the progress of the quests you or your coop currently have. For example, if you have yet to do the Theory of Gravity quest ( like me), then maybe it could be possible to fish up an apple with a low chance ( maybe 5% ). I understand this might take a lot of work to do with every quest, so maybe it could only affect certain quests; there could be a subtext that says if the quest has fishable progression. I feel this could either be a base feature, as well as an enchant. If the enchant were to happen, upgrading it could increase the commodity of the items for the quests while fishing. Anyways, just wanted to share my little idea with the community, and see if they like it. Cya! :heart:


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Apr 5, 2022
Bunny Town
Fishing isn't that big of a mechanic in Skyblock. So I don't think any major changes would be needed. I think it would be nice though to have like a 5% chance to fish up a EXP bottle or a 1% chance to fish up a piece of leather armor. So I will give a :unsure:.
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