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Nov 12, 2020
My cubecraft rant: (i cba to check spelling so ignore it)

Overall, this update is for the BETTER in my opinion, in contrast to all the "hate" cube has gotten from most the comm it seems. No matter the person, there must be at least one feature you like about this new update, and instead of focusing on only the bad aspects we should focus on both the good and bad and expand upon these. Most of my points are going off of MY OPPINION and assumptions, these ARENT 100% correct, just want to let cc and the comm hear my opinion.


Ok i guess to start ill talk about the most important problem of the new update is the server issues. Theres lag, regular crashes and other server-side issues making games harder to play for everyone. Im assuming these are what i call day one issues, they will get fixed as fast as possible in order to prevent them effecting the server a huge amount. (i haven't got confirmation on this but its just common sense to me that these will be fixed first). So im sure the server will be playable in no time!

To move on, imma talk about unintentional bugs/features that make the game less enjoyable. When first logging on today i think i saw like 6 people with particle trails and my frames dipped from 120 to 50, not unplayable but i have a alright pc so i assume this will be worse on low end devices. I also have noticed that particles overall are weird in this update, i think the hearts trail is super fast compared to what it was and i assume this is the case for other trails. On top of this is the 3 man party slot "bug". I think this is the case as they couldn't handle/didnt want to risk having 10 man parties in the beta as it would prob be glitchy so stuck to 3-man and carried it over to the main server. I DONT THINK THIS IS GOING TO STAY. It makes no sense for cube to have a team of 4 and team of 10 game modes without having party slots for them, so this would prob be fixed in the near future too. Bugs like these aren't game breaking, but do still suck enough to get fixed soon, but not as soon as the server issues.


I will be focusing on eggwars as its prob the most controversial update, and from what ive seen/heard most the comm likes the updates to the other gamemodes (e.g. skywars). Apart form tbe new kb but im not good enough to comment on the kb so ill leave that to the FFA comm.


To start, this update has decreased the overall speed of which the game is played. Gens are slower to start and basic tools and gear cost more causing an overall slower start to the game. I see this effecting LB players the most (as well as speedrunners) as they plan to get the fastest game possible. So with this in mind i get why most LB players hate the new update, but this is not the ONLY way to play the game. Em's are somehow more useless. They are used for 2 things only, one of which is enchantments. Enchantments, in this current state, are useless. NO ONE in there right mind wants depth strider boots or sweeping edge on there swords, so not only are ems only used for 2 things, one of which is useless.The overall state of the game means that there is little to no diffrence between eggwars normal and eggwars op. I havent explored them in depth, but the main diffrence is that theres netherite in OP..... thats pretty much it. And i assume most people with eggwars rank bought it to be able to vote OP, and since there isnt any diffrence between the two modes now feel "scammed" out of a rank that gets the same features as someone without a rank (assuming your not a freak who plays hardcore). Hardcore i havent touched that much but ive seen through the big Privated streams that there are health pots now...meaning that if u fill your inventory up with pots, fights will last longer in HARDCORE then in OP, which is dumb in my oppinion. (also love the fact "proper" pot pvp has came to eggwars before of duels)


Getting ems from breaking eggs and final kills is brilliant. it encourages people to be more aggressive in there playstyle by introducing a (somewhat limited) reward. Ems also dont get removed after death, making them stand out from other resources and making ems more of a unique resorce you can use in your gameplay. Although i did just flame ems for being useless, the other use for them is great. The idea of reducing prices using ems is a great feature compared to just enchantments. Fights now last a much shorter amount of time as most fights will last like 10 hits before they are dead (if a consistent gear is used e.g iron sword with iron armor). This means you actually have to use your BRAIN instead of hitting a 10 block clutch, eating and going back into the fight. Every hit now counts, making pvp more intense and require more thinking then compared to old eggwars fights. This fact is why im so upset that most of the scrim comm doesnt like this update. I hear almost everyone complain about clutch abusing, to the point where they didnt allow dcing for scrims. this may not be the case now, but i think scrims would be much more fun, as each hit counts. You can no longer build up to build limit to rush, drop down on the egg and take no fall damage to block in instantly to get the egg. If this is done perfectly, its almost impossible to defend (this might just be cuz im bad), like look at any scrim montage and count the clips of getting eggs instead of defending them. this update makes "scrims" harder for stallers making the game more fun no? (yet again this MY opinion and you might not think this way and thats 100% fine).


Enchantments are bad currently, but can be improved as it is a very good idea on paper. Cube i think you have a opportunity to make custom enchantments for this gamemode. Enchantments aren't an "original idea" other servers have them and use them, but what you can do is make it your own. An example of an enchantment could be a speed enchantment, where you get speed 1 whenever you wear boots, or get an enchantment on your sword/bow that can actually give you like 10% of the items in a players inventory once you kill them with that item. You can also add levels to these like skyblock, adding on 1 each time. For example the speed would increase to 2 and then instead of 10% takeback, 20% and so on. With this, you can turn an unoriginal feature into a custom fun feature thats made for cubecraft

To possibly solve the "slow game style" and the no difference between OP and normal eggwars, you need to change some things around. For example, make more modes, such as a speed mode. This would make everything extremally cheap and make armor and ect less overpowered to make fights last quicker. This has "almost" been done on cube already, as bridges and other modes have(or had) a speed boost mode. Or instead of adding a new mode, make the OP and normal modes stand out more. For example, adding most of the 1.19 items (such as trident, netherite ect.) to the OP mode, and the normal mode becomes the pre-1.19 OP mode. This then provides a drastically different gamemodes between OP and normal, meaning the rank would be worth something and on top of this it will keep people who liked the old way of playing happy, killing two birds with one stone! IK this isnt the most creative and smooth fix but its all i could come up with at the time

Ems MUST become more useful. I liked the fact ems bought strange items u wouldn't use in a normal game (e.g. eggmights), it provides use for them especially now you are definitely to get some just casually playing the game by breaking eggs.

Just to end this, im not the most creative individual. I dont know what its like to run the most popular server on minecraft bedrock, not just the technical side but the team side, managing and communicating tasks must be a pain to do and i just think players should keep that in mind when complaining about cubecraft. I do have other thoughts that ive left out to keep this from getting too long but they are less important in my opinion.
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