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We need more uses for being in the nether, as currently, the only use is to get glowstone trees to grow, which you could just afk in overworld with a proper witch farm, and I've stopped going to my nether ever since I finished all my side quest in it. So we need more "only nether" things or changes, like blazes and wither skeletons can only spawn in the nether so you'd have to go there if you wanted to use the (currently) best mob in the game for exp, being wither skeletons (by a few points) or make more stuff only grow in the nether like nether quartz as after you've done any quest related to them, most people just brings them into the overworld.

There is also so many more opportunities for what is possible in the nether that I haven't said, but what are all your opinions of the nether? And how much you actually go there when not doing something for a quest?


Mar 25, 2021
Well technically cubecraft is on 1.9 as i know and nether trees (warts) doesn't exist on this version, so until 1.16 update there is no way to add more nether crops.

Idk if you asked for this

Meme Bean8608

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We have to wait until end update... Even in survivals until 1.16 being in nether is really boring
I mean that make more things that can be used in the overworld, exclusive to the nether as my main exp farm is wither skeletons and I'm farming them in overworld
(Also end update will hopefully be released in about a week if it follows how nether released)

Meme Bean8608

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I would have to agree although bringing lava back to my overworld increased my pig dropper coins by 50%. Lava was also useful for some other builds and projects in the overworld.
Lava is fine since you also find it in the swamplands, but nether exclusive things (or At Least those that makes sense) imo should stay in nether if you want them to work
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