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  1. Reesle

    Bedrock New Skyblock Island 7th Edition - Overworld: Warm Ocean 🔱

    Introduction: Hello everyone! Hope you’re all doing well. I figured it’s been a while and that it was time to make another Skyblock suggestion, so, here we are! Today’s suggestion will be about adding a “Warm Ocean” island to Skyblock which will include MANY 1.13 and 1.20 features! This is a...
  2. Xi1m

    we need a name for a cat!!

    what up me and @AnolTongi have had this silly little kitty in our Skyblock world for a while and we haven’t decided a name for it and thats why im asking you... to come up with a name for the ocelot! You will have 10/24 hours to submit name suggestions in this thread so later today or tomorrow...
  3. Reesle

    Bedrock New Skyblock Island 1st Edition - Overworld : Bamboo Jungle

    Hello! Today I’m suggesting Cubecraft add another overworld island, a Bamboo Jungle. Unlike the first overworld Jungle island, this one would contain bamboo wood. That means that it would now be possible to craft 18 new wooden items (as seen in the image below) using the new 1.20 bamboo wood...
  4. Reesle

    Bedrock Skyblock Suggestion - Wolves

    As much as I love Skyblock, I feel like it is missing one of the most beloved Minecraft animals : the wolf. Today I am making a small suggestion to add wolves to Skyblock. Skyblock already has cats, so why not wolves (dogs)? I’m thinking it could maybe be implemented into the extreme hills...
  5. Reesle

    Bedrock Simple Skyblock-Hub Suggestion

    Today, I will be giving a simple Skyblock suggestion : allow players that are VIP lvl 30 to fly in the skyblock hub. Currently it is not possible to do that. When I type /fly it says “unknown command”.
  6. N

    All Networks Skyblock Leaderboard

    i think skyblock leaderboard is a great idea. some healthy competition between players would be great i think
  7. L

    Bedrock What’s needed in skyblock

    I think a lot more can be added to skyblock, for example; -tree feller -make arrows sellable -A bigger boosts for people who buy the skyblock rank, at least 50% boost. -when using sell all allow stuff to be taken off from it and instead of including individual stacks of the same item instead...
  8. mrowl

    All Networks Reset button or Delete profile [Skyblock solo]

    what is even the harm to that? its a reset button that resets your skyblock back to first level, and no im not talking about "ooh did u get prestige 4?" its just a reset button that resets all of your level back to level 1 , I mean why not? most of popular server has it, like lifeboat and...
  9. wer2wer2

    All Networks Autosell Skyblock

    Hey everyone, a short suggestion today, I think it would make sense to introduce a new categorie when selling items, that for example for the next 5 minutes you sell an item immediately as soon as it enters the player inventory. This would not only simplify the tedious selling process of...
  10. SypherTA

    Worst quests ever

    The quests like the glowstone quests are horrible they take forever pls cubecraft can you lower the amount, and don't get me started with the tree quests . Pls don't give such quests, remove them .
  11. frostyaxis6736

    Skyblock Is this just me

    OK is it just me or is the the 500 arrow blot out the sun quest insanely hard to do ??
  12. R

    Bedrock Things to Add into Skyblock

    1.) Sell wands (Selling by inventory takes forever) 2.) Make Arrows Sellable (They take forever to clear out of your chests because you can't sell them) 3.) Add Redstone so we can make automatic farms for the strong mobs and make life easier 4.) Fix mobs glitching out of grinders
  13. O

    Skyblock void glitch (please fix!)

    Whenever I die in skyblock, it teleports me to void and it is really annoying
  14. Meme Bean8608

    All Networks Skyblock sell all command

    I personally think that the sell all feature should get a change from skyblock rank, as it only saves time if you have a lot of different items you want to sell. So I have a suggestion that will make it much better even if you only have one item type this will be done by doing /sellall or...
  15. spoonerlee

    Yo SpOoNeRLEE here

    Yo am older generation of gamer love skyblock got on discord first then made do the linked thing just noticed have to say hi so hi am new if count 2months played on skyblock. Am Canadian heavy equipment technician 31 years young any other adults on here? Any other trades?
  16. Meme Bean8608

    All Networks Adding an infinite water bucket into skyblock

    I think there should be a quest reward for a infinite water bucket as placing it manually (all big crop farm makers have felt this) is very tedious especially when you make a cane farm become the void my idea for the quest: hidden quest Extreme hills Name: ice bucket challenge buy "x" amount of...
  17. Meme Bean8608

    What are your ideas on what the end will be like?

    I want to know what everyone thinks the end will be like as it is likely coming out very soon my ideas of what it's going to be like is: - to unlock you will need 200 blaze rods, 200 magma cream, 200 wither skulls, and 24 nether stars - One of the rewards in the end quests will be an ender...
  18. Meme Bean8608

    More uses for the nether

    We need more uses for being in the nether, as currently, the only use is to get glowstone trees to grow, which you could just afk in overworld with a proper witch farm, and I've stopped going to my nether ever since I finished all my side quest in it. So we need more "only nether" things or...
  19. W

    Bedrock visit an island feature

    i know this has been suggested for a long time but PLEASE, add a visit feature on Skyblock Bedrock edition! My Cousin and i are very confused why we can't visit each others islands, i thought i missed a tutorial but no, there just isn't a visit feature. it's very annoying how you need to play...
  20. K

    Skyblock can’t complete quest

    You can’t craft torches with charcoal so because of this we can’t do our skyblock quest
  21. FoggyGamerYT

    Bedrock Suggestions For Cubecraft Skyblock Must Add

    You Should Add Bazaar Like Hypixel Skyblock Requirements 1. Player Need 30 Level 2. Player Need 200 Raw Chicken And 300 Feather 3. 1000 Wheat Seeds 300 Wheat 4. 20,000 Skyblock Coins 5. 400 Beef 200 Leather I Need To Be A Personal Suggester And Please Contact Me On Discord Name:-...
  22. S

    Bug with tools

    So i cant throw any of my tools in the chest or in my inventory i try throwing it on the ground but it stays in my hotbar is that a bug ?
  23. S

    Wither in bedrock

    So i have the quest dark souls to kill the wither but in bedrock the wither is harder than the java wither.So the question is does the skyblock wither in bedrock does he have the new abilities that they gave him or is it as the java edition wither?
  24. littlemoose1609

    Skyblock Rank

    I have a question. I've been contemplating on whether to get this or not but, is skyblock rank any good? I need to know before I buy it it. If you have an answer tell me. I've heard the bad things about it but since the boosts, a vip level up to lvl 1, etc. I'm think of getting it. I just need...
  25. K

    Sky block griefed have a question

    Recently my friend told me to invite one of his friends to our skyblock he came in for like a hour or two and we got bored and got off the game I was watching Netflix and got bored so went on the sky block and it was griefed every spawner and we were about to unlock the nether island we had...
  26. Yer pet zombie

    Can anyone help?

    I play skyblock one of my friends lost all of our pigman spawners somehow. I was offline at the time and none of the nether items are showing up in the shop i play on Xbox. we are at island 8 and i really don't want to delete my first island can anything be done?
  27. P

    Skyblock Problems i have incountered

    so the main problem that I am coming to post/ask about is it is showing I have a negative balance of sky block coins (on bedrock btw). Right now current my balance is -16,702. I would like this fixed please. Other bugs would be when moving spawners they seem to have trouble spawning animals...
  28. Lifdethor29

    Afk chicken farm tingy

    Pretty new to cubecraft so don't know if this is a know bug or if it's even all that useful but I noticed that when I stood in the way of the chickens they would continuously take .5 dmg until they died Forgot to mention that this is on mobile which I'm not sure it changes anything
  29. lightindonut

    creeper farm

    aight im at the craft 50 tnt and since creepers destroy your freaking island how da hell am i going to do this if someone has an efficient farm that doesn't blow up hmu
  30. F

    Gravel quest bug

    When I got the buy 20 gravel quest I said ok and bought 16x of gravel instead of one each to speed it up and when I did it the quest it did not register it it only gives you the quest if you buy it one at a time buy I bought 16x at once and did not give it to me so I then bought one and it gave...
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