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Jan 16, 2018

Good day CubeCrafters!

Today sees the release of our latest Minerware update, with new games, new achievements, new maps, and more! Get ready to tackle new challenges alongside some of your favourites, on both our new maps, and specially updated current maps.

We've devised 6 new fast paced Microgames for you and your friends to play. Each one has been created to test your reflexes, observation, or mental skills. Whether it be a classic or one of the new Microgames, let us know your favourite in the comments below.​
  • Drop Tower - Rush from floor to floor in a race to get to the bottom.​
  • Platform Plummet - Don't fall as the platform crumbles away beneath you.​
  • Find The Item - Search through chests of junk to find the item you need.​
  • Jump Rope - Jump over the ropes, well... lasers, as they sweep across the board.​
  • Colour Collection - Pick a colour from the walls in secret, then find out if you've picked a colour no one else has.​
  • Stepping Stones - Jump between the platforms as they appear in front and disappear behind you.​

We have a brand new Boss Game to challenge your skills; the MAZE!
Each maze is randomly generated, with blocks of Gold hidden around them. You'll need to race around the maze and collect as many as possible before the time runs out. Each time a block of Gold is collected, it moves!
Normal mode puts players in a twisting and turning hedge maze, so keep your eyes peeled for a glimpse of gold shining through those leaves.
Hard mode steps the difficulty up a notch, with players now trapped within a decaying stone labyrinth!

Maze boss game in Normal mode.

Our builders have been working hard to bring you 2 new map themes to spice up your games; Aqua and Mediterranean!
Battle it out underwater amongst a rich sea bed of coral and plant life, or relax in the heat of a beautiful mediterranean getaway.
We've also renovated the play areas of our current maps to better suit their surroundings, so be sure to try out as many maps as you can!

The Map Aqua

Infinite fun promised! Aqua affinity!


I would have won as well if it wasn’t for these ‘meddling-terranean’ kids.

There have been 5 new achievements added to Minerware for you to try your hand at. See which ones you can easily knock out from the list below:​
  • Iron Man - Create an Iron Golem in the build a Golem game.​
  • Pyrite - Be the first to collect a gold block in the stone labyrinth in hard mode.​
  • 7 Second Drop - Get to the bottom of the drop tower in 7 seconds or less.​
  • Everyone Lives - Play a game of colour collection where everybody lives.​
  • Find the Null - Find the null in the find the item microgame. No, it's not a glitch.​

We've also gone through a few of our normal microgames and bug-fixed and rebalanced them. Remember, if you find a bug please report it at bugs.cubecraft.net!

- Added 6 new microgames
- Added 1 new boss game
- Added 5 new achievements
- Added 2 new maps
- Spiced up all the platforms on all maps
- Removed the Troll kit from the deathmatch boss game
- Top 3 player ranking now stacks players with the same points
- Player names in tab are now yellow
- Player names in the scoreboard are now the colour of your rank
- Player names in win messages are now the colour of your rank
- General game improvements and fixes

Thanks for reading! Let us know what you think below, we'd love your feedback and go have fun!​


What annoys me is that you go make an aquatic map before 1.13 it would have been nice to celebrate the server updating with every game getting an aquatic themed map.

Nice to see you’re consistently updating games though +1.


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Jan 13, 2014
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no sg update /cry

On Topic: Fun update! Minerware always triggers me (WHAT DO YOU MEAN I ONLY SHEARED 9 SHEEP?!) but this update includes some really fun, interesting, and in my opinion, more fair games that are based on skill rather than dumb luck. Really pleased to see games of this nature added. Also congrats to our new dev on his first update!

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Amazing one, Cube! Finally, the troll kit is removed...
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