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Nov 4, 2019
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Hello! This thread is a guide to Java Minecraft color codes and formatting! In Minecraft, there are some format and color commands that can change the color and format of the text that you are typing! Please take note that you must have a rank(iron and above)to be able to use this feature on Cubecraft. The reason I made this thread because I see a lot of people asking how some people can talk with different colors or formats of chat.

To do this, you simply just put "&", (this symbol can differ from server to server, but Cubecraft uses the ampersand) the corresponding color/format code you want, and then your message.

Color Codes:
&4 : Dark Red
&c : Red
&6 : Gold
&e : Yellow
&2 : Dark Green
&a : Light Green
&b : Aqua
&3 : Dark Aqua
&1 : Dark Blue
&9 : Blue
&d : Pink
&5 : Purple
&f : White
&7 : Gray(This is the default chat color)
&0 : Black

Chat Formatting Codes:
&k : Obfuscated Text(This will cause the text to appear to be constantly changing and unreadable)
&l : Bold Text
&m : Strikethrough Text
&n : Underlined Text
&o : Italic Text
&r : If you use this before any chat code it will render all other code useless and revert back to the default chat.
Please do take note that if you were to use a chat format code and color code on the same sentence or word, you should always put the color code before the chat format

If you entered in "&6&nHello!" it would turn out to be "Hello!"

But if you did "&n&6Hello!" It would not show the underline.

Here are some cool little text changes you could copy and paste!

"&4&lR&6&lA&e&lI&2&lN&9&lB&5&lO&d&lW&a&lS" would turn out to be "RAINBOWS"

"&4&lIve &6&lGot &e&lA &2&lGood &9&lGaming &5&lChair&d&l!" would turn out to be "Ive Got A Good Gaming Chair!"

"&a&k&l-- &3&lG&e&lG &a&k&l--" would look like

Sorry for the low-quality GIF, if someone could help me do it better it would be appreciated!​
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Maybe you could add the &r which means reset and will give you the standard white colour and it removes all the chats formats.
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Very helpful! I always forget the code to certain colours and end up spamming the chat with random colours until i find the one I need. Thank you for this!
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Nov 4, 2019
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