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Oct 20, 2013
Hello again! Happy June everyone! So, it's the end of another action packed month, and it's time for the monthly SkyWars and Survival Games give aways! So, for those of you new to the server, each month we give away ranks and points to the people with the most kills and wins in skywars and survival games as a reward for their dedication to the server. These stats can be found on the things made of ore, at either side of the survival games and skywars mini-lobbies. Anyway, here is a full report of who won what:

Top SkyWars Winners:
1) sjgw77: Stone ---> Emerald
2) mjtm76: Gold ---> Emerald + 20000 points
3) snellesirrr: Stone ---> Gold
4) Phyxsius21: Stone ---> Lapiz
5) NoobProGaming: Stone ---> Iron

Top SkyWars Killers:
1) snellesirrr: +50000 points
2) Phyxsius21: +40000 points
3) mjtm76: +30000 points
4) NoobProGaming: +20000 points
5) thechiiipppyyy: +10000 points

Top Survival Games Winners:
1) allstarninja: Lapiz ---> Emerald + 20000 points
2) zakk02: Stone ---> Diamond
3) g3oRgi3nSp3cslg: Stone ---> Gold
4) 9Taurus: Emerald ---> Emerald + 20000 points
5) DiamondZZ8: Diamond ---> Emerald

Top Survival Games Killers:
1) allstarninja: +50000 points
2) g3oRgi3nSp3cslg: +40000 points
3) zakk02: +30000 points
4) 9Taurus: +20000 points
5) DiamondZZ8: +10000 points

Please let me know if there are any errors, this time, for the first time ever, I got a program that I just made to generate it for me, because its easy :D
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