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Jul 14, 2015
Hi everyone,

This is a suggestion based on the party system that is currently on both networks.
The suggestion is being able to send a player a message when you invite them to a party.

I got this Idea from @Buuuddy who made a similar thread about this 4 years ago :starenoot:

What is it exactly?
You basically have the possibility to send a message within the party invite, for example stating a reason for why you send the player a party invite.
You are not forced to send a message. If you do not send a message within the party invite, the player will receive the party invite WITHOUT the message.

What will it look like?
The command will look like this:
As said above, when [message] is empty, no message will be given to the invited player.
/p invite [player] [message]
This is what it would look like from the invited players perspective:
Party invite received from xTypical
Let's play Skywars together? :D

Why is it needed?
It is not really necessary, but being able to send a message asking if he wants to play along with a party invite, makes things quicker because you can accept the party invite right after you read the message if you want to join. Players will immediately know that they can't/won't play with you if they deny your party invite.

Instead of sending a separate message and a party invite after the response, we can put those 2 things together and make party inviting way quicker.

Problems that may arrive
The only thing I can think of, right now, are inappropriate messages being sent within the party invite.
This should be reportable just like regular chat offenses.

Thank you!
If you have any questions, feel free to ask them.
Any ideas/changes are always welcome!


Feb 4, 2020
Juice WRLD's backyard
Really good suggestion! This is way more useful than an f add message. This way you can send a party invite first and then accept the f add or not.

Also, this is a great way to instantly see what the other players want to play. If you're not interested in playing Skywars, just deny the invite. If you do want to play, accept.

And I don't think inappropriate messages are a problem in this situation. You can just report it as swearing, spam or other offences.


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Mar 12, 2017
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This would make things a lot easier. Now you've got to ask someone in a friend message first if they want to join your party which is not even possible if you're not friends with the person you want to invite. Or sometimes you just get a random party invite from a friend without knowing what he wants to play.

Maybe a good solution for people abusing this feature to swear is to make the messages standard messages. For instance, you can use the command '/p invite Maaarijn SkyWars' and it will say something like Maaarijn invited you to their party to play SkyWars! Don't know if you like this idea but it could be a solution.

Anyway, I'd love to see this added! Good suggestion!


Apr 10, 2020
The Land Of Pigs
Maybe a good solution for people abusing this feature to swear is to make the messages standard messages. For instance, you can use the command '/p invite Maaarijn SkyWars' and it will say something like Maaarijn invited you to their party to play SkyWars! Don't know if you like this idea but it could be a solution.
I don't really like this, you might want to say something else than the preset message, I prefer just being able to report people adding inappropriate messages. :)


May 12, 2017
I fully support this suggestion!

It will be a lot easier if this will be added in the future... If you'll get a random invite from someone you can't see what he's playing or what he wants to play with you or with his friends... This would be a lot easier if we can see why people are inviting you to their party.

The Inappropriate messages:
Hmm, you can't get away with these messages cause people will break the rules with this suggestion. But if this will be added in the future there will be offences to report them, for example ''Swearing''.

Good Suggestion.
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Aug 31, 2019
The Netherlands
Hi! I would love to see this getting implemented! As you said it’ll make it much easier to deny a party invite, since you already know if you dislike/don’t want to play the game of the party. I’ve had multiple times that I invited or got invited to a party, then I or they left the party because they wanted to play something else.

As Quis already said, inappropriate languages can be reported. So I don’t see it as a huge problem.
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Jul 6, 2016
The Netherlands
Very nice suggestion!

I really like the idea, it's original and with some slight changes compared to buddy's thread it's an improvement.

With this being added you can see someone their intentions by sending the party invite with a little message, this way you can decide whether you want to join the party or not.

Moderating those messages is also easily done as they can just be reported just like every other chat offence as swearing or spamming or chat trolling.

Nice suggestion, I'll use my orange hammer and hit the ESCALATED button :)


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Dec 31, 2017
Icey Land
This is such an amazing and well thought out idea, I would love to see this addition. It would be an easier way to create large parties with friends. I also tend to accidentally invite random people to my party, this could be another way to clarify the correct person. Congratulations on the escalation! :>
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Feb 17, 2016
As you already mentioned in your thread, this is really not very important at least for now, but in my opinion, I think this suggestion made a few years ago by the player you mentioned, was really good, and now it is very good with the topic similar to his. Anyway, being honest I would really like to see this suggestion implemented inside the server, because if we don't have the player on our friend list, we could invite him to the party with some message and then he would understand why and he would think better accept or deny! Congratulations on your great suggestion and as you can see, you have the support of some players here already, including mine!
Have a good week!
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