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Redstone [Java] Recreating Win Effects


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Jul 6, 2015
Today I've been busy recreating two win effects available on the Java Server in single player. Some win effects were straight-up impossible while some were way too easy. I've chosen two win effects that had a nice balance: not impossible but also not too easy!

I've recreated Snow Explosion (Legendary, Christmas) and Gold Crown (Rare)

The original win effects (on the server itself) are in the spoilers. Let me know how well I did! :)

Fun story: SanCookie challenged me in a post under this thread to recreate the Santa Sleigh win effect. After only an hour or two I managed to pull it off! I knew exactly how I had to tackle it but what took the most time was making sure the order was correct and generally, just writing the commands out :p

Video can be found in the spoiler (with sound effects!) as well as the original win effect as it is on the server currently

The full win effect GIF is broken. Click HERE to see it!

Win effect ending because player manually dismounts the minecart

The video starts with the full win effect, and then I show what happens if the player dismounts the minecart before the win effect ended. Yeah, yeah, I thought about it all! ;)

This is the original win effect on the server

Thanks for tuning in! Let me know what loot item I could try to recreate next! :D​
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