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Feb 2, 2018
Internet Etiquette


This topic isn't highlighted as much as it should be, so today I will be giving you all a reminder of how we should all act when placed behind a screen. As we move into a more online world of learning, socialising and working, we should all remember our online etiquette, and not change your habits of manners, just because you are not physically in a certain place.

So What If I behave Badly Online? Nobody Actually Sees Me!

That's a question I am sure many of you think about; whether it just comes across your head, or whether you take that ideology as gospel. Manipulating your mindset and configuring it to think like that, is undoubtedly wrong. First of all, you are right. Nobody actually sees you; bullying your friends, saying rude remarks. However, if this turns into a habit, it can slowly start to have an affect on how you actually treat people offline. You cannot just switch personalities when switching from behind a screen, to physically in front of people. So the more you practice to behave and respect others online, the more likely that good habit will have a positive impact to your life in general.

What Are The Consequences Of Lacking Manners And Respect?

No matter if your speaking to someone face-to-face, or comfortably sitting behind your computer, the more respect you give to others, the more you get in return. Unquestionably, if you respect your peers and show some dignity when communicating with them, you will earn that respect back. However, the lack of respect when conversing with people can have a large influence to how they see you as a person. When you see a person who lacks respect when speaking to their parents for example, you quickly come to a conclusion that they lack moral standards, so you try and stay away from them. On the other hand, if you see someone who is put in an uncomfortable situation, but still shows manners and respect, you quickly idolise them as a person you want to befriend, just because they decided to think twice before speaking. To put it out there, being respectful isn't a choice, you cannot decide who you respect and who you don't, it should turn into a habit, and therefore be part of your personality, rather than an undermining chore. So it really isn't hard to be respectful and kind after all!

What If I am Trying To Be Respectful, But The Person I Am Speaking To Is Lacking Respect When Talking To Me?

Now that is a great question! We all come across people who generally lack respect to anyone and everyone they talk to. But does that really mean you should be like them? So take that opportunity to illustrate to them, and the people around you, that no matter who you speak to, you naturally show respect to everyone! I can assure you that people will start to look up at you! Even if all your peers and being rude to certain person, why join in? You might gain some sort of enjoyment for those minutes you mock someone, but it won't last. You probably would even forget that it even happened! However, the person who was being mocked at or laughed at, would remember this moment for longer than you can imagine! So it's not worth it!

Long Term Effects Of Showing Respect And Dignity Socially

The more you start to build that dignified personality of yours, the more doors get opened for you future! Nobody wants to befriend, employ, or play with people who lack civility and dignity. You may not see the affects you lose from lacking this perk right away, however, as time moves on, and you start to mature, you will slowly start to regret the fact that you hadn't started earlier to build up this more likeable personality. However, it's never too late to start a new chapter, and start respecting anyone and everyone you come across. Maybe start by apologising to the people you have hurt before, whether on CubeCraft, or in real life, it doesn't matter! They are all like you, people!


If you have read it this far, that's a great sign! It shows that you take this topic with a higher hierarchy of importance than others. This is not the usual kind of posts you would see on the CubeCraft forums. But as we move to a more digital world, I believe a reminder would not hurt! If you have any questions, or want some form of direction moving on, please add my discord, ItzYaser#2864, I would be happy to help and try my best to explain to you several aspects that helped me alter the way I talked and behaved around people.

Have an awesome day!
Discord : ItzYaser#2864
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May 27, 2016
Beautifully phrased. Online behaviour is an important topic, I'm glad it is being cited! :)
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