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Happy Steam Autumn Sale!!!

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Oct 20, 2013
Happy Steam autumn sale! You all probably are excited except the broke ones and other people who uses different techniques to get games. (I'm meaning the disc way... What did you think?..) Just going to recommend you to NOT buy every game you see that has a discount. You'll probably won't be able to play those games or won't play those games.
This picture sums everything pretty well:

This is an example of whats going to happen. To prevent this, first of all make a list of all the games you want. Then choose your budget (Preferably not all the money in your bank account, if you want to be able to eat.). After that, read/listen to some commentary about the games you want, look at points it got, what users think about it. If it has a bad user point but got good points from the websites and magazines and etc, then that means the game producer/publisher paid them to give the game a good point. (Its classic to do that.) When you're done with random peoples opinions, ask some close friends of yours about the game(s). Then eliminate the ones with bad points/unhappy users. And finally, eliminate the rest till it fits your budget.
Those were my suggestions abut the Steam autumn sale. I hope you all have great time spending your money!

And finally...

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