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Which is your favorite?

  • JoulesCW’s long-distance bow clip

    Votes: 4 10.8%
  • SoloWarz3485’s two block controller clutch

    Votes: 16 43.2%
  • LoveAndMafia’s Crazy CTF Clip

    Votes: 17 45.9%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


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Feb 12, 2021
Younisco’s Basement
Congratulations to LoveAndMafia for winning! Thanks to everyone who participated.

I held a clip competition the last two weeks, and we had quite a few entries. However, it was too hard for me to decide who’s clip was the best and who would receive the reward! So, I decided to only pick 3 finalists!

The finalists are:

JoulesCW and their long-distance bow shot! -

SoloWarz and their crazy two-block CONTROLLER clutch!

LoveAndMafia’s crazy CTF clip

The links to all the videos are attached above, in the order of how the finalists were introduced. Please, vote and tell us who your favorite was! The poll will close in EXACTLY 1 week, on Sunday, March 13.

- Joaqie
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