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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Spinnypoo, Oct 24, 2016.

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    Hi there,

    Hey CubeCraft what is the game Ender? I know that it is an Halloween based minigame but what is the point of it, dont gst me wrong I know that the devs have put lots of work into it. But if you gave me some instructions on how the game actually works that would be nice, (is their?) also how can I become an ender?

    Skywars: Yesterday I was trying to log into skywars to try out the new maps but... It kept on saying "server ofline or something like that" and kicked me out of a games lobby, is that really nessesary?
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    Ok, so here is an explanation of how you play Ender. It is a lot like Slender (Suggested by the name).

    Humans: If you are a human, then your objective is to collect 10 notes before either the ender kills you or the time runs out. The notes are drawings on maps in itemframes which are scattered around the map.

    Ender: If you are in a full game of Ender then there is 1/12 chance you become the actual ender (There is only one twelve player map currently - Forest). As an Ender, your objective is to stop the humans from collecting all of the notes / kill all the humans before they collect all the notes. As an ender, you don't get blindness and you get to freeze other players temporarily and teleport to a location close to them. To kill a human you must look a them.

    About Skywars, the reason it may have said that is because they were in the process of making the additions to Skywars. It happened to me aswell so all we could have done is be patient. :)