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Jun 1, 2021
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The interview section has been updated! We have added 10 new interviews from some super cool current staff members and given the section a bit of a new look. We'll have some more interviews in the future, so be sure to check it out :o


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Jul 2, 2015
What update that you worked on, are you most proud of?
There have been many updates that I'm proud of, but one that stands out to me is the Quality of Life update. This update was my favorite because it allowed me to interact with so many different systems and add features everywhere. Some of these features may seem small, but they had a big impact on improving the overall gameplay experience for our players. However, what made this update truly special was that I got to work on it with my bestie, Marieke2001.
This is the cutest thing someone has ever said to me. #QOLforlife
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