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Dec 4, 2015
So, I've played a bunch of Tower Defense after the update (I've played probably 3-5 games but that's already a bunch for me!) and I've noticed that you can get coins very easily now so I've proposed a challenge for you all!

The challenge is to have the highest amount of coins at the end of a game of Tower Defence and winning that game (A tie will also do!)! How do you submit? Just send a screenshot of your coin record of that game where you can see both the coins on the scoreboard and the win/tie message in chat!!

I'll start with my coin record: 712232!

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Current record stander: Efcluke94 with 3,402,568 coins!
Lol nice xD
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Oct 9, 2016
United Kingdom

Not a massive amount, but considering I'd bought everything I could with EXP (including every level 5 troop), I like this.
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