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Jul 31, 2020
idk how someone with good mental health can think that removing runner kit's speed its a good idea, then would be better to just remove the entire kit, the new map is green hills v2 and is 75927509719x worse than aleko's map suggestion, op mode has many bugs, tank and viper kit are still useless and now blockwars will be even more dead than it already was.

ig from now I'll just farm wins at tower defense since I dont need to get carried by a party for doing that lol.
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Ah right, 21 degrees w/ sunshine -> rain and thunder within 30 minutes.
If that doesn't sum up the Dutch weather for ya .. xd
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That’s a nice profile picture! Foxes are very cute!
hi why disband translation team tell me
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dus heb je ruimte voor een cavia of hamster?
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