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  1. Cuteee

    Cuteee Guest

    Hello my friends! I am here another time to suggest ANOTHER update for blockwars.

    Well yesterday I was playing blockwars with some friends and I thought that this could be a good idea, you let me know ^-^

    Well I was thinking about ''MODES''

    What I mean with modes?

    I was thinking about creating Blockwars 4v4 (Or 2v2).

    I think this could be a funny update (Removing blockwars core) as rather nobody plays blockwars core.

    The game would begin like 8v8 with a diference that there is not half blocks. (I was thinking about it, I am the person who always vote half blocks for fast wins but there shouldn't be. 8 half blocks= 4 No modifier)

    There should be new maps adaptated for the the 4v4 (Or 2v2) As, beach, City, jungle, nether, rainbow,farm...

    The time, how you play the game and the kits would be the same. ( Adding this kits and features

    About achievemts imma purpose some and you tell me if you like them.

    (Kills achievements)

    Not my fault- Get one kill on blockwars.

    OUPS- Get 10 kills on blockwars

    IT WASN'T ME!- Get 100 kills on blockwars

    BLOODY DAY- Get 1.000 kills on blockwars

    YOU DESERVED THAT- Get 10.000 kills on blockwars

    THE MURDER- Get 100.000 kills on blockwars

    Noobs- Kill 10 players in one life

    (The names are just so you understand what I mean)

    (Flags achievements)

    SONIC- Capture the 3 flags in less than 3 minutes

    SPARTAN- Capture the 3 flags without dying in half health modifier (

    FLAG OFF- Die with the flag beeing 10 blocks away of capture

    Flag phantom- Capture a flag without breaking any block

    What's this?- Capture a Flag

    How funny!- Capture 10 Flags

    Unstopable- Get 100 Flags

    SUPER FLAGGY- Get 1.000 Flags

    THE FLAG MASTER- Get 10.000 Flags


    What defense?- Break 50 blocks of the other team in a single game

    THE SNIPER- Get 3 kills with 3 arrows in one life

    LOL- Break a Monster Spawner trap block and spawn a sheep

    This is my bed- Shift above the flag for 5 seconds

    Sprinting?- Sneak during all the game and win.
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  2. Eli

    Eli Member

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    I really like all of the achievements you suggested they would surely bring a spark of life to block wars for a period of time. But the modes, well there aren't much block wars players nowadays, if we split the block wars player base into more modes, the games would be almost impossible to play. What block wars needs is, new game mechanics, new powerups, kits, goals, not 2v2 or 4v4.
  3. Cuteee

    Cuteee Guest

    I bet that 80℅ of blockwars players nowadays are ctf players, so adding new modes for blockwars should get many people to play it, at some point I understand you, and yes there should be new kits and achievements, Thanksbgor the feedback ^-^
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  4. MJ010101

    MJ010101 Member

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    I don’t know about if a new mode will attract more players (at least for a longer period of time), as the base concept already doesn’t seem to be very popular. I believe that simply changing the amount of players in a team won’t do too much to the playerbase, as it’s still keeping the same concept. As for the achievements, I like them, we need more creative achievements just like those for this game!