BlockWars Kit Ideas Megalo-big List!!

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    Welcome to the big list~~~
    These are ideas I came up with in a single night!!
    Feel free to suggest changes as you like!!

    Werewolf: Every two minutes, turns into wolf for thirty seconds, turns back into human (wolf collar is the colour of your team, has full leather amor, speed III and pickaxe) (human has full leather armour and pickaxe but no speed)

    • Spawns as human
    • Two minutes pass
    • Human entity changed to wolf entity with collar the same colour as current team
    • Given speed III
    • Thirty seconds pass
    • Turns back into human
    • Speed taken away
    • Repeat

    Mind Controller: Upon defeating a player on the opposite team, they will come back to life where you defeated them, and target the nearest player on the same team without control from the client… doesn’t work if you defeated more people than that person in thirty seconds!! (leather chest plate, iron sword, bow with three arrows, pickaxe)

    • Mind Controller defeats enemy player
    • Enemy player is now controlled by a FightBot
    • AI is programmed to attack the player's team
    • It is now possible for the team to damage the FightBot-affected player, and they can damage the team
    • Upon being depleted of their 10 half-hearts, they go to respawn mode

    Necromancer: Can disguise as a player that has yet to spawn, spawns in their own team’s spawn, can use their kit selection, has their skin and name, wears off thirty seconds and instantly kills them once worn off (kit same as disguised player, otherwise only the button used to disguised and pickaxe)

    • Necromancer gains the ability to disguise each minute
    • Can only use it to disguise as enemy team players
    • Uses it to disguise as Player123
    • Player123 is now a disguise for thirty seconds
    • Player123 is only displayed as the opposite colour to the Necromancer's team
    • Upon reaching thirty seconds in this form, the Necromancer's disguise wears off and they are forced to respawn

    Charger: Every ten seconds, can up sharpness of sword by 1 if sneaking (leather armour, wood pickaxe, wood sword)

    • Charger sneaks for 10 seconds
    • Sharpness is increased by 1 level for their sword
    • Upon dying, the sword's level is reset

    Distractor: Can play jukebox to make the players within 20 blocks distance be locked into looking straight at the jukebox. Jukebox plays for 5 seconds and they aren’t affected by it.(leather armour and pickaxe)

    • Distractor places jukebox on the ground
    • Distractor right-clicks the jukebox
    • Jukebox plays meow sound
    • Everyone 20 blocks or less away is forced to look at the jukebox for 5 seconds
    • This also means their own team
    • Only the Distractor is not forced to look at the jukebox

    Smasher: Designed to break defences, can dash in a straight direction and break all blocks in their path. Stops when no longer on the ground (wooden hoe (right click to activate the smash) wood sword, no armour, pickaxe)

    • Smasher right-clicks the hoe
    • Smasher is forced to sprint straight until they bump into unbreakable (blocks placed before the game) blocks, and any breakable blocks that they bump into will immediately be destroyed.
    • Can also fall into the void

    Kung-fu-er: (iron armour, (fists are given power upgrade), wood pickaxe)

    • Fists are given a strength upgrade, using fists will act like a stone sword

    Kitten: all players are glowing, but only this kit can see the glowing. This kit disguises you as a tuxedo cat.(wood sword, pickaxe, axe, leather chest plate, speed level one and eight tenths, and bow with two arrows)

    • This kit sees every player with the glowing trait (so they can see them through walls), but no other kit can see them
    • You are disguised as a tuxedo cat entity in appearance only
    • All else is self-explanatory

    Mage: (bow with fiery arrows (set on fire upon contact), one ender pearl, diamond hoe)

    • Infinite arrows that have the "set on fire" trait
    • Has an enderpearl
    Clipper: Upon attack with their hoe, both players will be teleported under the map, but the hoe will not regenerate upon respawn (gold hoe, infinite arrows and bow, no armour, pickaxe)
    • Using the hoe will teleport both you and your victim to y -1

    Stocker: Starts with 60 half-hearts (wood sword, wood pickaxe, no armour)

    • Self-explanatory

    Peril: (start with 5 half-hearts, diamond sword, diamond chest-plate, bow with four arrows)

    • Self-explanatory
    Slacker: Can’t leave spawn for thirty more seconds than usual, but powerful defence skills (gold chest plate, gold sword, three purple wool)
    • Self-explanatory

    Mind-controller: 820 points
    Necromancer: 1200 points
    Charger: 350 points
    Distractor: 700 points
    Smasher: 650 points
    Kung-fu-er: 450 points
    Kitten: 500 points
    Werewolf: 580 points
    Mage: 1500 points
    Clipper: 600 points
    Stocker: 600 points
    Slacker: 400 points

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    Werewolf:What's the point of runner then?
    Mind controller:You mean a zombie or some thing like that attacks their own team?
    Necromancer: Sounds a bit op, kill someone with miner disguise as them, easy win.
    Charger:Every 10 seconds sharpness is increased by 1 if shifting right? Then what is the point of warrior? Might also be too op if it can get to sharpness 5.
    Distractor:To op, can be used to take flag with no effort/break cores. If with a team anyone that gets stuck in the radius is dead.
    Smasher: What's the point of the tnt class then?
    Kungfu-er:You do realize that fist have almost no cooldown, like it's somewhere in the 1.7 attack speed range. 3*1.7= 5.1 and spamming will actually hurt, a lot.
    Kitten:make the arrows spectral and you have a deal.
    Mage:I like this one, but don't make the arrows infinite.
    Clipper:Trolol kit, make it have a 5 minute cooldown or something before it can tp to -1 again.
    Stocker:Super op if it spawn in with all the hearts, spawn it in with 1 full bar or half a bar.
    Peril: It has more defense than most other kits, and a better defense than all the other kits.
    Slacker:What's the point of the already existing block kit?
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    Mind Controller: If that's what you imagine...
    Necromancer: Perhaps the pickaxes could be nerfed to only contain leathers and downgrade if any higher...
    Charger: Make it... 30 seconds???
    Distractor: Then it might have to be 1 second???
    Smasher: The point is you will involutarily fall off if you reach the edge of a map or stop if reaching an unbreakable block.
    Kung-fu-er: Make it a wood axe then???
    Kitten: Sure, why not
    Mage: K then
    Clipper: Four minutes and your deal is fine.
    Stocker: This has terrible defence... not to mention Warrior will easily destroy it easily with a stone sword
    Werewolf: Then I'll nerf the time you stay in wolf mode?
    Slacker: I'll just remove this one. I didn't like it anyway.
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    Also, don't forget, Necromancer only has a pickaxe to defend themselves with.