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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Power Ranger, Sep 10, 2016.

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    Ok so blockband needs some achievements so here's a couple ideas for achievements I had (I'm not good at naming so you guys can hopefully come up names :p )

    DIAMONDS! : Get Diamond on a song.

    Completionist: Unlock every song.

    High Score!: Score over 5000 points on one song!

    Iron Man: Earn iron on every song.

    Bling Bling: Earn Gold on every song (sone1 pls think of a better name :p )

    Kloontastic: Earn diamond on every song (as this is the difficulty of killer solo)

    Drop the bass!: Play a song without hitting the lowest fret once.

    (name here) Activate juice 5 times in one song

    Beginner: Play one song of blockband

    Getting better: play 10 blockband songs

    Rockstar: play 100 blockband songs

    Expert: play 1000 blockband songs

    Alien God: play 10000 blockband songs

    thats it for now I might come up with some more later. If you have any ideas for blockband achievements leave them below! :D