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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Power Ranger, Sep 25, 2016.

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    1. Achievements
    Get a diamond song
    Unlock every song
    Get a 10x average multiplier on a song (it may be possible with lumbridge serenity as i got 9.4x without using all the juice)
    Play a pro song
    Play 10, 100, 1000, 10000 block band songs fully
    Get diamond rank on every amateur song
    Get diamond rank on a pro song
    Get diamond rank on every song (currently impossible)
    Earn 7000 points on a single song (I've managed to get 6.6k on one song)
    (may think of more soon)

    2. Make "Killer Solo" 75 stars instead of 85
    Currently you need about 10 diamond songs and 8 gold songs to unlock killer solo which is a bit much don't you think? :p I have only 7 diamond songs and I am probably one of the people who plays this game the most :p

    3. Better Align Left Frets
    I would really like to use Left aligned frets but you have to scroll over before you can hit the yellow note with it so can you please make it so it automatically scroll to the right for you? :(

    4. Way to tell missed notes with 10x multiplier
    currently it is near impossible to tell with fast sections whether or not you've missed a note when you have a 10x multiplier so a simple way would to just have the 10x multiplier have one of the house/guitar pick shapes that becomes clear when you miss a note. @Minikloon has thought about adding a couple things but I think this would be the easiest to do.

    Thanks for reading :D
    May add more soon
  2. Even though I don't play block band I think achievements should be added to this game, I do also want the devs to add more achievements to eggwars and Skywars, and survival games
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    I like these ideas. It would make blockband like other games. (even though I like that it is unique)
    As always good luck on getting Killer solo!
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    this is a very good idea i hope it gets added